A Few Reasons Why It’s So Cost-Effective To Rent For Your Next Convention

If you are any kind of average American, or even any kind of real person, you know that money is incredibly tight these days. There is way to much to take account for and be on top of financially. It seem next to impossible to buy anything out-right. I mean take your technology for example. Tech these days is just getting more and more expensive right? It isn’t something that you can just go to Best Buy, pick up a laptop, throw a five spot at the cashier, and be on your merry way. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, projectors, projector screens, smartwatches, servers, and more all cost quite a bit of money these days to actually buy. Think about going to a convention for your business and being in need of these items. Do you have the $4,000 to buy just 10 iPads? Does your company? Why not try to cut costs?


Think of your budget for a convention, especially when it comes to tech that you may need. If your business deals with anything even REMOTELY tech related, you’re going to need tech at the convention to show off the services that you’ll be able to provide. Now your company has selected you and will be paying for most, if not all, of the expenses. If the convention is going to be for a few days, why have the company spend more money buying tech that they may not need, when they can just rent it? You have to figure that the company has already paid for the vendor spot, hotel expenses, and possibly even the travel expenses. Why not help contain the budget by just renting what you need for your company’s vendor spot, rather than buying and going over budget?

Warranty and Damages

The next thing to think about is, “What if the tech/equipment gets damaged?”. Half of the time when you rent something, the responsibility for damages falls upon the company who is renting the equipment to you, and not the other way around. Mind you that there are a few different stipulations that go along with finding out who has to pay for repairs, but it’s still nice to have. As long as there is a rental contract involved and you can see what all would fall on you and what all would fall onto the company, you can have a bit more peace of mind in knowing that you may not have to pay for damages in a worse case scenario.


Think of all of the stuff you may need for you next convention. Not just the small things like the tablets and what not. Think of EVERYTHING. What if you have some footage that you need to show. You need a projector right? You need a screen right? Both of these can be rented, instead of bought, used for 2 days, and then put aside. The best part is, is that normally all places that rent out technology have a wide selection of tech. Whether it be laptops and tablets, or projectors and screens. It’s always better to have a set of brands and models to pick from, especially if it helps determine rental price.

There is a lot that goes into planning for a convention. A lot of hard work, and sometimes stress. That being said, getting your booth ready doesn’t necessarily have to. Instead of buying all of your gear, save some of your sanity and your money. You’ll sleep a lot easier by just renting than knowing you’ve spent 10 grand in tech for a 3 day convention.

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The Innovation Uncensored Conference Aims To Give You And Your Business Powerful Insights

An old adage goes, “Money makes the world go ’round”. Sound familiar? It should, because that is the truest thing you will ever hear in your life. Money has helped create everything that we use in our daily lives. Investments. Money to help fund the production of just about anything you can think of. Everything from the clothes on your back to the laptop you’re reading this article on. Money may be the root of all evil, but not all money is used for evil purposes. As they say, “business is business”. If you’re part of a company, more so higher up in the company, then your main priority for job is usually always the same; how can we make more sales?In business, money talks and that should come as no surprise. The whole goal for any business is find out the best way to increase sales. What ways are there to properly market? Well luckily there are conventions that can help businesses further their sales. Take the Innovation Uncensored Conference for example.

This particular convention doesn’t just cater to one sect of business or product. They go across the board. This is the prime definition of a business convention. The entire aim of the convention is to show what is going on in the business world currently. Who is doing what to create more buzz in the business world, how are they doing it, and what exactly does it mean for YOUR business. This conference basically discusses everything that you may need to know in real time, as it’s happening in the real world. They have had attendees anywhere from Twitter to Pepsi show up at the convention to both show what they know and learn from even more experts in business. What better way to stay connected to whats going on in the rest of the business world than by doing it in real time with the people who know the most about it?

Everything will be covered at this years conference. If it has a name brand is being sold and mass produced to generate profit, best believe that it’s going to be talked about here. If you are going to consider your business to be something deserves some recognition and want to find out the best way how, this is a convention you’re going to want to attend the next time you get a chance. I say the next time you get a chance, as it is already SOLD OUT.

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One of the main topics of conversation at this years conference will, of course, be technology. Look at how much money is involved in the tech world. Everything from gaming systems to the newest iPads. It’s all included in the business world. So to all of the vendors that might be attending this years festivities, you may want to invest in some rentals for the convention. With as much money is involved with technology, buying 20 iPads for the convention to set up at your vending booth might not make the bosses back at the office happy. Instead, try renting the tech you need for this event instead.

The convention is closing in fast, as it takes place on April 10th. For any last minute needs, rentals will be the best way to go. After all, sometimes you have to spend money, right? Business 101.


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Just A Few Ways To Turn You Into A Better Vendor At Your Next Convention!

I know this is going to sound crazy, but there are some people that can be afraid to talk to large crowds. Something about talking to people that you’ve never met and hoping that they pay you their attention without passing judgement is kind of scary for some believe it or not. Think about how hard it is for vendors at conventions. It can be quite scary to see large crowds of people and try to sell them to your product or cause. It’s kind of like those guys you see outside of the corner store trying to hand out flyers to you while you walk by him. It’s a tough job, especially if you aren’t very good with large groups of people.

There are some ways to help further your business and help get more people involved with you and your product.

The first thing to do is always come prepared! You need to know what you’re going to say to potential customers before they come up to the table. Have some type of speech ready, because if you try to sell them right there and end up trying to make something up on the spot, then 9 times out 10 you are going to stumble over your words. Have something at the table to catch the attention of passers-by. Something bright, colorful, or something with some shocking facts about what your cause or product is trying to fix or solve. The next step in being prepped is making sure you have some way to get down all of the name from those people in the crowd that stop by and want to sign up. A pen is a good back up, but if you are using a tablet or some other type of tech, that shows that you are very invested in your product or cause. This could be due to the fact that you chose to “spare no expense” when setting up your booth and trying to get people to come on board.

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Another way to help get sales at a convention is by renting your tech or materials. Think about this. There has to be money spent from the company to get the space for the booth to be set up at in the convention. If your booth requires or involves some type of technology to be used to further involve potential customers, why not rent in order to save on the budget? What is the point in buying 10 iPads just to have them sit and collect dust since they will have no real purpose after the convention. By renting the tech you can save on the budget and put the remainder of the money towards more resources to help your booth stand out more.

One of the other tips is to directly engage the crowd with particular “grab lines”. The grab line will help grab the attention of people in the crowd to stop by and talk to you. By saying “Hey, I need your help with…” or “Hey, check out this…”, you are demanding the attention of the people and demanding them to do something without coming off as rude or cross. The last thing you want to do is lose a potential customer by asking them a question they can say “no”.


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The Venture Beat Mobile Summit May Be Perfect For Any Business Getting Involved In The Mobile World

The world we live in today is constantly being flooded with new ideas and marketing tactics to help push products towards specific consumers. Any business out there can relate that there could ALWAYS be more consumers to market to. The hard part is sometimes figuring out how to do it cost effectively and efficiently. Now yes, there are some programs that you can sign up for and hope that they actually help or do what they advertise, but you can only put so much faith into them. The best way to get you product marketed these days is by going mobile. Look at all of the mobile devices coming out that have been gaining headway recently. Everything from countless tablets to the introduction of wearables on the consumer market. Ad campaigns can greatly help a company reach new markets, you may want to have a better starting point for reference.

Again, the mobile industry is booming right now, and it seems the entirety of the worlds economy has taken notice. So where can YOUR business take the first steps in learning how to advertise better on the mobile markets? The Venture Beat Mobile Summit is the place you may want to go.

In case you are unfamiliar with this particular event, just know that some 180 of the mobile industry’s top of the line will be at this years event. They’ll be offering a multitude of ways to help your business segway into the mobile world of advertisement and marketing. At the end of the day, the idea behind this entire conference is to show you how you can boost your companies profits by the way of proper consumer engagement and monetization. The way to do it, as they claim, is by going with some of the biggest business growth opportunities to date. Everything from wearable tech, to targeted advertising will be covered.

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This is definitely a conference to try and get a team from the company at. The word mobile could mean a lot to help your business grow. You’re obviously going to need some tech to work with while you’re there, even as reference material for a possible lecture. iPad’s, projectors, and monitors can be expensive, so why not rent instead of buy? After all, mobile tech at the Mobile Summit just seems… called for.

Speaking of expensive, the ticket price for this particular event is a bit more than most. Obviously by a bit, I mean a lot. Should you want to be at this years event, expect to pay the heavy price tag of $1,795 right now. If you are, in fact thinking of going, be ready to buy now, as the ticket price will jump up another $300 closer to the event. By then you’ll be paying $2,095 to attend the festivities. Definitely a more expensive convention, but the benefits could outweigh the costs if implemented correctly. Should you be going to this years Mobile Summit, you’ll be spending your time in Sausalito, CA at the Cavallo Point Resort. The convention will be taking place from April 14-15. The dates are coming quick and the price will only get higher, so if interested, act now!


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Successful Vendor Booth Checklist

So you have just set a date to participate as a vendor. Conventions and trade shows can be excellent events for business vendors. By having a clear picture of who your audience will be, you can have a very positive outcome as a vendor. Having a captivating booth filled with information is very important in attracting an audience and making a positive appearance. Have the right amount of visual interest to lure in people, but don’t go overboard. Here is checklist for planning out your convention trip:Setting a budget for your vendor or convention trip is a lot of planning. Keep in mind the following fees and costs in mind:

• Booth fees
• Travel expenses
• Hotel costs
• Food costs
• Printing expenses to handout fliers or information
• Company material costs (logo tablecloth, banners)

Once you have figured out how much you need, you then need to figure out what interesting tactics and decor you will be using to lure in an audience to your booth. Here is a list of great eye popping resources to consider using in your display:

4k Monitors- Great for showing videos of products, displaying animated company logos or displaying pricing information.
Projectors- Good for displaying any information for a large audience and also good for speakers at conventions.
Laptops or Tablets- Keeping track of inventory, also tablets can be very useful to have for people to take surveys or sign up for mailing lists.

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A Convention That Could Help Grow Your Business!

Any good businessman or businesswoman will tell you the same thing when it comes to growing your business; networking is key. People highly underestimate the benefits of proper social networking when it comes to their businesses and products. For example, when a vendor attends a convention, 9 times out of 10, the vendor will have shown off their product to a multitude of different convention goers. Exposing your business to a large audience is one of the main keys to success. Convention vendors are usually very aware of this, which is why they tend to always grab whatever spot they can in large conventions that they can relate their product to. Social networking works in the same way, and now there is a convention that will teach you all about the science behind it!

Again, it’s no secret how easily organic growth at a convention can boost a product. With that being said, there are only so many conventions to attend, and only so many spots available at each convention. That is why social media networking can really help, as it is almost like an ongoing, online convention. The Social Media Marketing World is a convention that aims to help you and your business utilize social media to its fullest in terms of marketing your product or business. This conference is actually the world’s largest social media marketing convention, and with good reason. Some 80, or more, of the top social media experts will be at this year’s conference delivering ideas and concepts to help grow your business into the company you’ve always wanted it to be.

It is all about growing your audience. This conference has been designed to do that on nearly all fronts, not only by showing you social media growth tips, but by also hosting an opening night party on the USS Midway on the San Diego Bay. What better way to expand your business than by going to a fancy soiree with all of the other 2000+ attendees learning the same things you are? The event itself is hosted by the Social Media Examiner, which is the world’s top online social media magazine. With 80+ social media marketing gurus in one place, the 80+ sessions guarantee that you will be walking away from the convention with many new ideas to grow and expand.

The ticket prices for this event are fairly reasonable, at least until Feb. 28th. Right now you can buy your virtual ticket for only $297. After Feb. 28th, however, that ticket price will shoot up another $300 to $597 for a ticket. We understand that with the purchase of tickets, hotels, and other expenses, purchasing technology for your venture can get pricey. The option of renting your tech for your convention needs can really cut down on the cost. After all, renting iPads and MacBooks in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying them. And what better way to get ahead of the competition than by utilizing those social media techniques right there during the conference on your rented mobile device?

This convention is taking place March 26th-28th in beautiful San Diego, CA. Jumping on the opportunity to learn about this necessary asset should be a no-brainer for many businesses. If you choose to go, it’d be best to get your tickets now before they double in price!

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The Game Developers Conference Is Coming Up Fast!

It is always nice to hear about the new technology that is coming our way. All of the news about Samsung, Sony, Apple, and the other companies is always nice to know about, but what about the gamers? There are not many times where their newest technologies and games get to be announced. Tech conventions go on every week of the year, but they are usually very specific. They tend to deal with particular companies or specific types of technology. It’s not as easy for games to receive the recognition they deserve all the time. This is why conventions like E3 exist. The only downside is that only comes once a year. That is where conventions like The GDC come in!

Not exactly sure what the GDC is? While it might not be as well known as the E3 Expo, it is still quite a big deal. The GDC, or Game Developers Conference, is the place to be if you have an interest in the future of gaming. This is the meeting place for all of the game designers, producers, artists, programmers, and any other professional that might help shape the gaming industry. This convention attracts over 23,000 attendees and features the most relevant tools in game development. Since this is a strictly professional convention, they are targeting people mainly in the industry, or those looking to be in the industry.

The conference is very vendor friendly as well. Since they attract so many people to this convention, they invite many companies to show off their newest products and services. Anything that could possibly further the industry and promote gaming in general. For the entire three days of the convention, vendors will be allow to show what they are made of to the entirety of the convention attendees.

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In case you are trying to attend this year, The 2014 Game Developers Conference will be taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. The conference will take place from March 17th through the 21st, with the Expo taking place from March 19th through the 21st.

If you are looking to attend, be sure to get your wallet ready as well, because some of the prices are way up there. An all access pass onsite is going to run you a cool $2,100 for the full five days. For the Student Expo pass, which is available Friday only, it’s is a bit easier on your funds, only charging $75. Obviously certain people will need to take priority over others in terms of what they need to buy. Bigger developers will be needing the $2,100 package rather than vendors or students studying for gaming.

No matter how you look at it though, even if it is just for the top dogs in the gaming industry, now is the perfect time to attend. With not many games out right now for the PS4 or the Xbox One, it is a sure fact that many of the gaming companies will be showcasing new games. We can expect to see new technology as well, maybe even a new, slimmer, Xbox One or PS4!


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Apple Fanatics Celebrate! iWorld Is Almost Here!

We live in a world today that’s runs on technology. We are consistently glued to our smartphones, laptops, and tablets.  Should we could consider this to be a problem? For every one of us who thinks so, there’s another one of us who thinks the world needs even more technology! Some might call our tech craze… obsessive, while others see it as a way of life. All of us, myself included, who are tech fanatics tend to have specific brands that we love and follow. I’m both a Sony fanatic, as well as a huge Apple fan. Apple has a tremendous following, for obvious reasons. So if you’re like me then you just can’t get enough of Apple’s tech. That’s where the iWorld convention comes in.

Maybe you are new to the whole iWorld convention. If this sounds unfamiliar, but you are an Apple junkie, you are in for a treat. This particular convention is designed for Apple fans just emerging, and long time fans who live, eat, and breathe Apple. This is THE largest Apple fan event. If you love, use, create Apple products, this is a convention you are going to want to attend this year. The convention is just a giant party for Apple products! All kinds of Apple based art, film productions, music, and much more will be showcased. Naturally, as with any convention, there will be a section dedicated to shopping filled with different services and tech for even the hardiest of Apple fans!

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The convention is set up to take place starting March 27th through the 29th, is Moscone North San Francisco. This three day event will encompass just about everything you can think of when it comes to Apple products. Everything from using the iCloud keychain to helping your tech stay alive the next time you decide to take it out on a camping trip with you. That is just day one too! And of course it won’t just be about iPads and iPhones the whole time. Musicians will see Apple’s Logic Pro recording software get some spotlight time as well. And for the people wanting to show off their more creative side, day three hosts the “Future Tech: Amazing Student Tech Projects” to close out the convention.

This convention isn’t just for the faint of heart either. This happens to be such a large convention that even large network news stations sent out affiliates to cover portions of th event. Their website isn’t shy about showing off their numbers. They claim that 77% of the 25,000 attendees go just to check out upcoming releases and try out new technology. This is the Apple fanboy’s dream convention

But, much like the Apple products themselves, price ranges to get into this upcoming event are on both ends of the spectrum. Should you choose to get the all access pass, be ready to get set back a whopping $899. And that is the early bird special that ends on the 28th of February. If you are new and want to take a less head on approach, then maybe the $25 3 day Expo only pass is right for you. The prices do range, and are all on an early bird special price bracket right now. So, if you are an Apple die-hard who needs the latest and greatest, this is not the convention to miss out on!


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The Top 3 Convention Centers Perfect For Vendors!

Los Angeles Convention CenterHundreds of millions of people live in the United States today. Around 300 million to be exact. This country has many iconic, bustling, cities that a huge amount of people call home. Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and New York City just to name a few. These particular cities are iconic for their own unique reasons, respectively. The one thing that all of these cities, and many others unmentioned, have in common, is the sheer size of their population. This huge population size is a means for a good business market. Perfect for unveiling new tech products or holding conventions. Conventions in these cities always draw out incredible amounts of people, so that means that convention centers need to be able to accommodate for large surges of convention goers.

Look at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. This beautiful convention center is located right along scenic Lake Michigan. McCormick Place just so happens to be THE country’s number one convention center, and rightly so. Seeing as how they cater to nearly 3 million people each year and host a wide array of conventions, they have definitely earned their title of number one. This particular convention center is made up for 4 separate buildings and come up to a combined 2.6 million square feet. 173 meeting rooms, 4 ballrooms, and 6,000 parking spaces mean that this place is perfect for vendors.

Next is the ever popular Las Vegas Convention Center. This expansive sprawl comes in at more than 3.2 million square feet. Las Vegas is one of the nation’s biggest tourist locals, so keeping things up to date and state of the art comes naturally for them. This includes their convention center. When you step inside this massive building, you are stepping into a convention vendor’s gold mine in terms of space. With roughly 2 million square feet of exhibit space and 144 meeting rooms, there is more than enough ample room to set up everything you may need for your vendor. This building is so big, it can house multiple conventions at the same time. Combine that with the fact that it hosts some of the biggest conventions like Comic-Con and E3 show that this is a prime convention vendor spot.

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Washington, D.C. may not seem like it, but its convention center has become a big spot for convention attendees recently. Despite the fact that it is still relatively new, Washington, D.C.’s other attractions naturally bring in more and more people. This alone will show that any convention that goes on here will be seeing a good turn out. This 2.3 million square foot convention center boasts the biggest ballroom in the region, and is incredibly energy efficient for its size. They are quite used to using their 77 meeting rooms and 700,000 square feet of exhibit space for a range of different uses and conventions. They also claim to have an extremely dedicated staff, no matter what the event may entail.

These are just a few of the top convention centers across the nation. These are the biggest, best, and most used. Chances are, if you are going to be a vendor at any convention, you are going to want it to be in one of these expansive and gorgeous convention centers.


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Why You Need A Samsung 4K Display Rental For Your Exhibit

If you are in need of a display for your exhibit, you don’t want to be left in the dust by your competitors. Having a sub par display will not only make you seem less professional to your peers, but to your crowd as well. How are you going to get any attention at all when your competition has a more impressive display? It’s not going to happen. If you are going to take yourself seriously, then you should look into the Samsung 4K ULTRA HD.

This impressive 4K monitor has a lot to offer. It has a slim LED design, 4K 3820 x 2160 HD resolution, and has smart TV capabilities and 4 different HDMI inputs and outputs. There are also plenty of size options depending on your needs. The 4K ULTRA HD comes in sizes between 55″ and 65″.

The Samsung F9000 4K has already made it’s mark on the corporate world and is quickly becoming the standard. Because of it’s plentiful list of features and a huge spike in 4K content, it would almost be silly to consider anything else. Let’s face it: this is going to be the first thing your crowd sees, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. There is no room for cutting corners here.

For most companies participating in trade shows and other live corporate events, this model has already been the top choice. The incredible image quality of the Samsund F9000 4K LED screen is perfect for looping the marketing clips for your products, displaying your company’s logo and information and anything else that you may need to show off in your live event setting. Because 4K is one of the fasted growing trends of this year, show managers have already put this into full affect and are using these functions to create the best displays possible and maximize their profits.

Some of the world’s biggest venues will be taking advantage of the F9000 during their functions. Many exhibitors at CES, NAB and DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXPO have already announced that they will be renting this model for their displays.

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