California Remains A Leader For Conventions Despite Drop In Popularity For L.A.

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the entire world. It is home to numerous professional sports teams and is also the film and television center of the world. With all the things L.A. can claim to be #1 at there is one thing that it still struggles with: conventions.

Despite being an attractive location for many things, L.A. is less than attractive for convention and event organizers. However, the city has made a lot of progress over the past few years in order to correct this.

New hotels, restaurants, night clubs and concert venues have been popping up near the Los Angeles Convention Center. This is great news for the area as locals have previously dubbed the neighborhood a “frightening dead zone” at night. Increasing the night life around the center was crucial.

Despite the influx of businesses going up around the convention center, the city has still managed to slip two spots from its #17 spot to the number #19 spot in a new ranking of the most popular destinations for conventions and business gatherings in the United States. Los Angeles is outranked by some pretty well-known and popular cities for conventions, like Houston and Boston, but is also outranked by some relatively obscure cities like Scottsdale, Arizona.

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One potential reason for the drop in popularity over the past year could be the traffic gridlock caused by construction at the Los Angeles International Airport. Heavy construction around the airport could be a prime factor in keeping organizers away according to Vice President for Product Marketing at Cvent Kevin Fliess. Cvent is one of the largest convention management and technology firms in the country and produces the annual rankings of destinations. “I don’t think that investment has paid off yet,” Fliess added.

On the other hand, officials for the city of Los Angeles are not worried about the ranking. According to Senior Vice President of Sales for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board Darren Green, “The fact of the matter is that through 2028, Los Angeles has 164 conventions on the books with an economic impact of about $2.5 billion. Los Angeles is very much in the convention business.”

The ranking is based on the total number of bookings and requests for bookings for meeting space and hotel rooms plus online queries for nearly 5,000 cities across the nation. According to Fliess, there is some good news for Southern California. For the second year in a row San Diego remained the fifth most popular meeting destination in the country (due in no small part, I’m sure, to the immense popularity of the San Diego Comic-Con) while Anaheim bumped up seven spots to #25 and Long Beach increasing four positions to #44. “So in totality, the Los Angeles area is looking great,” Fliess concluded.

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What Types Of Conventions Should Vendors Look Out For And Why

Have you seen the list of conventions that go on annually? The list and sheer number can be nothing short of staggering. If you take the time to actually sit and think about it, there a few stand alone conventions that people really get excited about. You have the gaming conventions such as E3 and PAX. You have the more business consumer technology conventions such as CES, WWDC, The I/O Conference, and the Unpacked Event. Then you have conventions for things like anime, and comic books, such the recent Comic-Con (huge fan of that one personally). There are many many more conventions out there however. They range from a myriad of topics and purposes, but no matter what the convention is about, you can bet that there will be vendors there.

What To Look Out For

If you’re going to attend an event as a vendor at a convention, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your product maintains a sense of relevance to go along with the convention itself. You don’t want to go selling anime figurines at a doctors convention. Make sure that you know some background on the convention itself and then make the judgement call on whether or not your product or service would be a welcome addition to the convention itself. If you can link up, and make new networking connections, or if there is room for a reasonable profit to be made, then you may want to start planning to attend the event.

It’s All About The Profit

When you attend the convention as a vendor, you’re main goal is to make a profit. You want to make a profit while also getting your name out to the convention attendees that may not know about you. This is where strategic planning comes into play. There needs to be an idea of what to spend money on and how much. Budgeting will be key in making a profit and getting your name out properly. Do you have cards or flyers that could be handed out? Do some need to be made? That could dip into the budget. What about technology that would need to be rented for showing off your service or presenting your product’s/service’s features? Renting the technology in bulk will make it a lot less expensive and can help you on a budget.

The Tech Rental

The best part about a convention is that technology can be used at just about anyone of them. No matter what the convention itself is about, you can usually always stand to get quite a few iPads to show off your company’s services or products. Doctor conventions. Cheer leading conventions. Business conventions. Tech conventions (obviously). Some devices might be better suited for other conventions, but the use of a projector and projector screen is also seen at a convention at some point or another. Signing people up for news letters or showing video looping about what you’re offering on iPads is a great way to attract attention for your vendor booth as well. The best part is that the more you rent for your vendor booth, the less expensive it is, and the more profit potential you could have.

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Being a vendor at a convention isn’t exactly the easiest job. Everyone is at the convention to have a good time and learn more about whatever the event is about. Getting people to stop by your booth can be tiring and time consuming, but also very rewarding. Just make sure you have everything you need and you’re at the right convention, and you could be pocketing quite a bit for your company!

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Comic Con Name Results in Controversy

“What’s in a name? ” Romeo Montague muses in the titular Shakespeare play. To Comic-Con International San Diego, it obviously means quite a lot, as they are threatening to take a Salt Lake City, Utah convention to court for allegedly using the name, deliberately sowing confusion among convention-goers.

In a cease-and-desist order sent from representatives of Comic-Con San Diego, the plaintiffs claim that the Salt Lake City convention (officially “Salt Lake Comic con”) and its use of term associated with the San Diego convention is confusing to attendees and potential vendors. The representatives from the San Diego convention cited several contacts that had called them in error, believing them to be the Salt Lake convention. The most commonly referenced violation was a skinned vehicle operated by the Salt Lake convention bearing the “Comic-Con” name, which was driven around the San Diego vicinity while the convention was in session. San Diego claims that the vehicle was Salt Lake’s way of “blatantly and willfully attempting to confuse attendees, exhibitors, and fans.”

While there are countless events across the world that use a variation of the “comic con” phrase, San Diego has singled out Salt Lake City as a usurper. The San Diego group seems to be more concerned with the reputation of their own convention rather than the legal semantics of copyright law. In the same cease-and-desist letter, they cited concern that the two conventions may be accidentally believed to be associated. The issue is that of product recognition. If the Salt Lake City convention is successful, then they have cashed in on the years of effort of the San Diego event. If they are not successful, then the burden of failure also rests on San Diego, who was not in any way involved with Salt Lake. Whatever their concern may be, San Diego believes they have a stake in the name and any perceived connection with their event.

However, the planners of the Salt Lake event are not without some legal firepower of their own. In addition to claiming the term “comic con” is widely used and therefore has become generic and not subject to copyright, they have evidence to prove that San Diego doesn’t have a monopoly on the name. On a section of their website dedicated to the issue, they have displayed the trademark application for the name of their event. The application, which is regarding the name “Comic Con” (without hyphen) shows that the San Diego event did in fact apply for the name in 1995, but it has been abandoned after an “inter party agreement” and the patent is considered “dead”. However, the San Diego event does hold a trademark of the name “Comic-Con” (with hyphen) that was registered in January 2007. While it may seem insignificant, in this case a single line may mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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The outcome of this case remains to be seen, but a result in favor of either side will be a game-changer in the world of comic book conventions. If “comic con” or any variation thereof is found to be in violation, dozens of conventions will have to change their names; not because of creative differences, but by the weight of the law.

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Top Stories From San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Alright, alright, alright, I know there is a Comic-Con post right beneath this one BUT this one is totally different in the fact that the previous post was written by someone that was not, in fact, me and was about what you should expect from this year’s nerd mecca. This post is, as you can tell, written by me and is going to talk about some of the biggest things to come from Comic-Con this year. Previous post = before Comic-Con. This post = after Comic-Con (Henceforth this post > than previous post).

Ok, so one of the biggest reveals at this year’s Comic-Con was at the Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice panel. Director Zack Snyder was joined on stage by the movies trio of stars Superman (Hanry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). While the stars didn’t say much, Snyder did reveal the first footage from the highly anticipated Superman sequel / Batman “reboot” / Wonder Woman debut / Justice League setup film. The teaser showed a dark, rainy city rooftop with Batman (in full costume) pulling a tarp of the famed Bat Signal and lighting it up. In the sky we see the famous logo with Superman floating in the light. The camera pans to Batman whose eyes are glowing white (probably some type of bat-visor) and then to Superman whose eyes are glowing red (laser vision!), then the teaser ends. As if that wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping for the film, Snyder also revealed our very first look of Gadot in her Wonder Woman costume and, needless to say, it’s pretty darn impressive. No word on the Jason Momoa/Aquaman rumors that have been circulating but, at this point, I don’t think people cared.

The other massive superhero movie that was blowing up the con was, of course, The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Panel host Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist, The Talking Dead, @Midnight) was joined on stage by Director Joss Whedon and (almost) the entire Avengers cast which included: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Colbie Smuldres (Agent Maria Hill), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver), James Spader (Ultron), Paul Bettany (JARVIS/Vision), Elizabeth Olson (Scarlet Witch) and special guest Josh Brolin (Thanos). All throughout Comic-Con individual character posters were released for the Avengers and, once put together, these posters formed a bigger poster of the heroes surrounded by Ultron’s minions. Some footage was shown of this film as well but, like Dawn of Justice, it was private for the Comic-Con audience.

Other superhero news came from the people developing the Ant-Man film. The film has been struggling lately with the departure of Edgar Wright and the subsequent departure of some of the cast members. There were a few things revealed, however. What we found out was that Evangeline Lilly (Lost, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug/ The Battle of the Five Armies) will be playing Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) daughter Hope Pym. It was also revealed (from early footage) that Pym is not fond of superheros in the slightest. Corey Stoll (House of Cards) is set to play Darren Cross (Yellowjacket) with Cross being a sort of protégée to Pym. The road to this film has been rocky so it’s good to see it showing up at Comic-Con and getting back on track.

To wrap things up the first trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies was revealed. This is the final chapter in Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy and from the trailer it looks pretty epic. To keep it short we see Smaug burning down villages, Bard the Bowman respected by an Elven army, Azog leading a massive army of Orcs, the Dwarven company clad in kick-ass battle armor and Thorin choosing war over peace. Honorable mention goes to Godzilla 2, which announced the new monsters that the giant lizard will be facing in the sequel. These monsters include: Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah.

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Trust me when I say that these stories aren’t even the tip of the iceberg that is Comic-Con 2014, they’re more like the snowflakes falling onto the iceberg that will eventually freeze and add to its mass. Comic-Con is the ultimate nerd mecca and the only source for latest news regarding, well, literally almost anything you could ever want to know about in the entertainment industry.

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What To Expect From Comic-Con!

There are very few conventions that I legitimately get excited for anymore. Unless they have to deal with anime, new technology, or video games/nerdy things, I’m probably not too pumped on it. I just love the nerdy stuff, but that’s why there are specific conventions that are created for the many nerds like me in the world. Some of us are nerds without even knowing it. Do you like Star Wars? Are you a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead? If that’s the case, then you can definitely enjoy a specific convention that’s happening right now. How many of you are familiar with Comic-Con? If you aren’t, you have no idea what you’re missing

Nerds Unite!

This one convention is the absolute culmination of all things nerd and holy crap it’s awesome. It really is. Everything that you could think of being nerdy is at this convention. Video games, comic books, the newest comic book movies, and fad TV shows all join in at this convention. Not to mention all of the celebrities that show up at the event. Every “nerdy” movie actor that you could think of has been to this event, and to be honest, even they like it! You know you watched the new Amazing Spider-Man movies. Andrew Garfield? Yup. He’s been here and he loves it. Looking for some new video games or nerd swag that you can pick up? Find it right at Comic-Con.

Speaking Of Nerd Swag

Vendors! Are you listening? This is one of the BIGGEST and most COVERED conventions that happens only once per year. This is something that NEEDS to be taken advantage of. Think of this. You have a convention that literally thousands and thousands of people attend in one of the most traveled to cities in the world; San Diego, at the San Diego Convention Center. This is prime territory for any vendor. Are you looking to set up something for gamers and comic collectors or even new technology? This would be some grade A real estate. With as many people are constantly walking around, coming and going, and trying to catch every event that happens during the day, you are bound to make some sales for your products/services.

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What To Expect

Any movie goers that love some of the comic book movies out there? Be sure to check out the newest comic book movie previews appearing only at Comic-Con first. Where do you think they show them? In their own private screening sections of course! This convention has a lot of technology and supplies that they need to rent to make sure that everything goes smoothly. All of the screening that happen have to be done through some of the top projectors and best projector screens right? These are expensive, so the event needs to make sure that these materials are rented to ensure that they can pay to have all of the movie stars make their appearances as well. Oh! And expect to see Storm Troopers… A LOT of Storm Troopers.

This convention has been renowned in the nerd kingdom for quite some time now, and with good reason. This has some of the coolest vendors, sweetest nerd swag, and awesome cosplays in the world. Period. It’s currently happening right now, so if you the chance to make it out there before it ends on July 27th, make sure to go! This is sure to be an incredible experience!


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VMworld 2014 Is All About The Cloud!

Nothing says tech nerd quite like information technology. Now realize that I’m not talking down about information tech at all. I embrace my tech nerd side. Even though I claim to be quite the techie, for a while there, there were still some things that I’d yet to understand. Mainly, the Cloud. I had no idea what it what was or what the purpose of it was either. I did some research, and over time I was able to understand what everyone was talking about. The fact is that we are becoming more and more of a virtual world. We are striving to access our information for many different venues. There are some who recognize this fact, and have since decided to make a convention that not only better explains it, but also welcomes new technology to help it grow!

VMworld is a conference hosted by a company called VMware. Unfamiliar with VMware? That’s ok. They might not be the most talked about company out there. VMware is a company that specializes in cloud and information virtualization software and services. Although the California based company was founded back in 1998, they’ve still not exactly become a household name. Since the company itself is based around the idea of cloud and virtualization technology, you should be able assume what VMworld consists off. Yup! The same ideals, but utilized in way that can help move your business forward with the speed of today’s technology.

There’s a lot to be offered at this years conference. Cloud-based technology and vitualization technology aren’t exactly well known topics or practices. It’s just recently started to become a more prevalent feature in modern technology. With that being said, if you attend this years event, you’ll be met with a massive wealth of information. Do you want to learn about building a private cloud or talk about ways to manage specific leveraging with the public cloud? They have that covered. Plenty of different cloud-based tech companies will be attending this year as well to talk about what some of the best business practices are when dealing with virtualization tech. After all, the main goal is to use this technology to help further the business. Any way that you could think of involving the cloud and virtualization to help move a business forward and expand, this years VMworld has got it covered.

If you’re unsure as to what cloud technology is, just know that it can be a huge help when dealing with storage. It’s way to easy these days to have too much information, documents, reports, etc. to store and still have enough space on your computer for other facets of work. By saving whatever you need to save to the cloud, you have it in a private storage system that either only you can access, or on a shared public storage space that different people can access. Naturally you can see where this type of technology could really speed up communication and, in turn, increase business productivity.

Are you interested in checking out this years conference. If so, make sure you are at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco, CA from August 24th-28th. This happens to be one of those conventions that really looks to move businesses forward by embracing new technology and its features. Cloud-based technology is becoming more and more prominent as the months go by. Make sure you’re not left behind when it really blows up!

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Calling All Hackers! DEF CON 2014 Is Right Around The Corner!

No matter how you look at it, there are so many tech conventions out there that you can easily get lost in. It can be extremely difficult to figure out which conventions would be beneficial to attend. It’s always fun checking out what some of the big time tech companies are creating and showcasing at their events. That being said, you may want to figure out the best way to operate something the new devices coming out. Maybe you’re into programming. Maybe you want to know enough about coding to fix your own troubleshooting problems and NOT call tech support. Well lucky for you, there are tech conventions out there that actually cater to that specific aspect of technology. One such convention, DEF CON, is coming up in August and looks to be pretty amazing.

Technically DEF CON is a hacking convention, but you can’t hack unless you can actually program code. The best part about this convention is that it isn’t specifically linear. What I mean by that is, you aren’t really expected to do, well… anything. You can attend the speeches. You can play capture the flag with tech gamers. You can even attend the movie marathons, take on scavenger hunt events, and even attend the live music that will be at this event. That being said, this event is not just a “random do anything you want” type of conference. It is still very driven by technology.

The convention itself is still about hacking, and they make sure to let you know that. They also allow for vendors to attend and set up booths on the floor to sell their merchandise. Since this is a tech event that directly involves programming and code, it might be the perfect for tech vendors to set up shop and make a profit. After all, coding, hacking, and programing require powerful computers and components that can take on all of that work. Why spend more money on resources you don’t need? Are you looking to sell off some programs or SDKs to some of the attendees? You’re going to need a platform to show it off. Why not rent your tech for this event.

Any type of program or coding is going to need a powerful CPU to show of the extent of it’s capabilities. Do you need a new laptop? Maybe you’re the vendor trying to sell of programs, but those programs need a powerful computer. Since you’re the vendor, you need to makes sure that there are enough devices to go around to attract attendees and make potential sales. Renting all of your iPads, Laptops, and Computers is going to make a world of difference when you’re out on the floor looking at other vendors products and wanting to buy something.

All rentals aside, if you’re in the market of learning more about the DEF CON conference, why not check out the many torrents on their site. They’ve collected all of the audio from all of the speeches that have happened since DEF CON 1. You can learn from the conference without even attending, but where would the fun be in that? It’s all about the experience and to be honest, this is the type of event that would attract me, and I’m not even a hacker. This is a convention that I would recommend to any tech fan out there. Hackers Unite!

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The Fortune Brainstorm Tech Convention Is A Convention For Both Techies And Business Officials

Literally every week there is a convention going on somewhere. Whether it be in your city or across the world somewhere, there’s always some type of convention happening. There are specific types of conventions as well. I, for one, tend to only really look out for conventions that pique my interest. Now, there may be some of us who are very particular about the conferences that we attend, and that’s okay. There are certain conventions that I feel NEED to be attended, however, even if they may not be your cup of tea necessarily. Tech conventions and business conferences offer a look into a very lucrative ventures and ways to profit from that venture. After all, what better way to make a living than through technology?When you have a convention that offers insight and advice for both technology and business, you have the makings of a truly great conference. The Fortune Brainstorm Tech event is exactly that.

This event combines everything you may need to know about upcoming technology, how it works, why it works, and why/how it can make your wallet fatter. Some of the concepts of our technology today are so simplistic that it seems almost laughable. In some cases you may even think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. The tablet is ruling the mobile world for a reason after all. This type of technology is exactly what will be talked about at this year’s event. Even with hardware, the event hasn’t left out software.

The people attending and setting up the Fortune Tech event know that hardware is only as good as its software. Take all of the social media platforms that you use every day. Those, too, are businesses. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Vine. They all are tech businesses that have made it, and made it big. Even music apps like Spotify. They are all profiting from the services that they provide, whether it be through subscriptions or ads. There will, naturally, be a number of different guest speakers and representatives at this year’s event as well.

Companies like Intel, Microsoft, and Sony Entertainment will all be represented at this year’s convention. All of the biggest hitters in technology and modern media will be there. These are the people who have influenced, created, and innovated the services and technology that we use today.

This convention aims to look at every way that technology can help advance society and businesses alike. What are the ways that we can contain a security breach from happening with the technology we have available currently? What can we expect to see next for Androids, 3D and 4D printing, and wearable technology? How will ideas shape current technology into ways that we can utilize technology and business together? These are all just a few of the questions that will be answered at this year’s event.

If you want to attend this year’s event, you’ll be heading to Aspen, Colorado. July 14th through the 16th there will be more techies than you can count all gathered there trying to figure out what the next big venture capital project is going to be. The list is full to capacity currently, but you can still register for the waiting list should you want to. It does appear to be exclusive to business owners, however. Either way, this is a conference that has the ability to change our ideas and what we should be excited about for the future of technology.

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There’s A Lot More That Goes Into A Convention Than You Think…

Conventions. Conferences. Gatherings. They all serve the same purpose, amassing a large group of people to a centralized location in order to express mutual interest in a particular subject. Mind you, it sounds extremely boring when I explain it like that, but that is what it is in layman’s terms. The one thing that most people fail to realize, should they attend a convention, is just how much goes into planning and setting up a convention. It’s more than just the content of the conference and the venue. It’s actually quite a lot more than that. Whether you are attending an anime convention, a comic book convention, E3, or Samsung’s Unpacked Event, there is a lot more than just the subject matter that makes up the convention.

Almost every type of conference requires technology that can’t always be bought from Radio Shack, i.e. lights, presentations, sound systems, speakers, microphones, projectors, projector screens, and more. These elements are essentially the back bone to the convention. As long as that is in place and set up within the venue, you have the makings for something truly incredible. I know for a fact that most of the conventions you read and hear about have to rent everything that they have within the convention venue. It’s the same scenario with the vendors as well.

All of the people that you see are selling products or services at these conventions. Every single one of them is sent in as a representative of their respective companies to attempt to make sales. As convention goers walk around and enjoy the festivities, many companies view this as a perfect opportunity to increase sales. You see their booths everywhere as well, if you have been to a convention that is. Any tech convention you see or attend is going to have quite a few mobile devices at each booth. Laptops, smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, computers, and more all may line the walls at a tech convention. As the convention fills up, companies have to make sure that there are enough tools and accessories to go around and that they can be used properly. A business may lose a potential sale or service signup if their stations can’t be readily accessed. There needs to be enough product to go around.

Let’s face the facts here. Purchasing 20 iPads at one time for just ONE booth at an extremely large convention is going to be a bit pricey. This is where rentals come into play. All of these vendors, and the convention itself, have a lot to take into consideration should they want their event to be something worthwhile.

If there is going to be a speaker at a convention (I don’t think there has ever been a convention  WITHOUT a speaker), they are going to need something visual for the audience to look at during the presentation. They’re going to need a powerful projector and a projector screen. Unless the company presenting has the $40k to just throw at a really nice 4K projector for a 3-day event, they’re going to rent their equipment and take the cheaper route.

These conventions are all about the convention goers, but also about minimizing spending and maximizing profit. The easiest way to do that is to rent the equipment you need. After all, there is a lot more to a convention than just buying your ticket and going. If you ever are involved in the production of a convention, it’s best to be educated on it.

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Gaming Nerds Rejoice! E3 Is Right Around The Corner!

I get excited for very few tech conventions every year. I mainly only pay attention to the main ones that involve the biggest names in the industry at that time. One event that I’ve been following, for years now it seems, has always captured my attention. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have a gaming addiction. What is my biggest fix you may ask? Why the Electronics Entertainment Expo of course! E3 for those of you who may not know, is the biggest gaming convention of the year. This is the convention that every gaming nerd across the world pays attention to, and tickets to enter into this particular conference are far from cheap. If you are able to get into this event, know that I’m very jealous of you.

E3 is, as I said before, the BIGGEST gaming convention in the world. Think of Apple’s WWDC but with video games instead of iPads and Macbooks. This event takes place every year in the summer time. This is where all of the gaming industry’s finest come to show off what they have to offer currently, and what they will offer in the future. We all know the top three dogs that will making their appearance at this years event, and we can expect the gloves to come off as well.

Companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are constantly battling for gaming supremacy. If you are unfamiliar with what these companies offer in terms of the gaming market, I can offer a quick refresher course. Sony works with the PlayStation and is currently pushing the winning PlayStation 4. Microsoft developed the Xbox and has been working to outsell the PS4. Nintendo has been in the gaming market longer than both of these companies, but is constantly being left in the dust by the more “hardcore systems”. They offer the Wii U as their current next gen system.

Each of these brands will be throwing their very best in the ring at this year E3 event. This conference plays host to many different tech companies, gaming websites, and game developers. The vendors at this event offer only the finest gaming equipment and gaming swag for you to carry out. The only thing to worry about when working this convention is keeping the attention of the patrons. This event will only be from June 10-12 of this year, so vendors need to make the best use of that short time span. Everyone will be running around trying out the newest games and console attachments before their released, so vendors be ready to give the best pitch you can!

This years event will be held at a familiar local; The Los Angeles Convention Center in LA, California. This is arguably one of the biggest, most notable, and most used convention centers in existence currently.

There will be press conferences for all three major console creators; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. We should expect some pretty crazy things at this years E3. It’s going on a year anniversary for all of the next gen consoles. Now that the new systems have been out for a little while, be ready to see plenty of developers working on games geared towards the new platforms. Also, expect the console companies to offer more insight on their new consoles, including new exclusive titles. We may even see our first loook at slim models!

The gaming industry is very lucrative, so even if you aren’t into gaming, this is a convention to definitely pay attention to!

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