Successful Trade Show Secrets

Any company that has ever tried to move any sort of product can tell you one thing: marketing is key! Just about every company out there can agree that marketing is one of the most, if not the most, essential aspect of increasing sales. We see marketing every day through social media, YouTube ads before videos, and in the magazines we pick up to read in the grocery store. What most people don’t see being a key marketing factor are trade shows and conventions. A convention can be just as beneficial to a company as a good commercial, but that’s also dependent on whether or not the company’s booth can bring in traffic.

When you’re gearing up for a trade show or convention, making sure your booth is appealing and accurately shows off your product and/or service(s) is the key to having a successful time. When at a trade show, there will be plenty of other vendors showing off their products and services. Make sure that your booth stands out from the crowd. These conventions are basically fierce competitions. What your company is offering potential clients may not be enough to bring in those passing by. Naturally there are many different mitigating factors that can play a huge part in your company’s success at a trade show.

So what are some of the ways that you can help increase booth traffic at your next trade show?

Take a second to think about before the trade show even begins. Why not try to get ahead of the crowd and contact the registered attendees? Most trade show organizers will happily give you a list of the registered attendees of the upcoming event, so why not take advantage? By contacting these potential customers before the trade show even takes place, you’ll be able to build buzz upon your brand and your booth early, thus guaranteeing early traffic. Emails are naturally the fasted way to go, but there’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ fashioned postcard or letter in the mail. You get to avoid the spam filter and having an oddly colored or oddly shaped postcard in the mail will definitely stand out from the standard white envelope bill.

Offer some sort of incentive at your booth. If there is anything I’ve personally learned from attending conventions and trade shows, it’s that people love anything that’s free. By giving away free samples of some of your best-selling products, or some other type of free swag that represents your company, you will easily gain more traffic at your booth. People will be guaranteed to come back. Naturally, if your booth is crowded or sees that you’re offering something for free, they will stop to see what you’re all about. The free items don’t even need to be something directly from your company. They can be anything from the typical pen to a frisbee or a keychain. Everyone loves free!

Why not looking into making your booth a bit more of a relaxing place for your potential clients. Why not add a charging station to your booth. We all know how attached people are to their mobile devices these days, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, so why not cash in on that? If you offer something like a bottle of water, a chair, and a charging station, you can be sure that your booth will be seeing an influx of traffic. When your potential clients are in a more relaxed environment, they’ll be much more likely to sit and listen to what your company has to offer.

Make your booth eye-catching as well! Having monitor displays set up to show off a hype reel of what your company is offering can definitely catch people’s attention. There is also the option of getting a beautiful backdrop display showcasing your product. Why not add a small competition or game to your booth and offer a product directly from your company as the prize? People like free and people like winning!

There are nearly endless possibilities that you can use to your booth more successful at your next trade show. Use these ideas as a guide and think of more on your own to make sure that your booth is generating the most traffic at your next event!

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Silicon Valley to Host Global Mobile Internet Conference 2015

The 2015 Global Mobile Internet Conference is heading back to Silicon Valley, according to event organizers. The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), for those not familiar, is an event that aims to connect people and companies that innovate the mobile industry for a conference that explores the changing landscape of mobile technology.

Being that this is a global event, attendees can expect executives from companies all over the world. If previous events are any inclination, it is expected that companies from dozens of different countries will be in attendance at this year’s event, which takes place from September 28th through September 30th.

The 2015 event marks the fourth consecutive year of GMIC and in that short time, the event has created quite the reputation. Global Mobile Internet Conference is one of the only US conferences that highlights the impact of Asia on the mobile industry, an industry that is advancing at a rapid pace.

According to event organizers, this year’s conference will include new conference tracks that focus on emerging mobile technologies as well as a startup competition that will showcase high-potential mobile startups to an international investor community. This is a huge opportunity for startups that would otherwise not be able to meet these kinds of investors.

There are a ton of speakers set to present at this year’s event from programs that include:

  • Thought Leader
  • Big Data
  • IoT & Wearables
  • Mobile Security & Enterprise
  • Mobile Marketing & Growth
  • Disrupting Diversity in Tech Summit
  • Global Games Summit
  • Global Robotics Summit
  • AppSpace
  • G-Startup

Notable speakers include AltSchool Founder and CEO Max Ventilla, Poshmark Founder and CEO Manish Chandra, App Annie SVP of Research and Analysis Danielle Levitas and GGV Capital Managing Partner Jenny Lee.

Interested in the G-Startup competition? Like I mentioned earlier, the G-Startup competition is the global platform for innovative mobile internet start-ups as well as the leading launch pad that connects them to a wide range of international investors, allowing them to see growth and success on a global scale. And the prizes are pretty awesome too.

Top 20 Applicants

  • Two complimentary Gold conference passes ($999 value USD)
  • One complimentary demo booth on the Expo floor ($1,500 value USD)
  • Connect with leading VCs, seasoned entrepreneurs and industry peers
  • Company name and product logo listed on G-Startup webpage
  • PR and Promotion: Through regular newsletters to thousands of industry stakeholders and investors, and social media outreach

Top 10 Finalists

  • All the benefits from Top 20 plus:
  • Pitch and demo on stage in competition semi-finals
  • Participate in Pitch Camp training and receive 1:1 mentorship by leading venture capitalists and investors

Top 3 Finalists

  • Everything above plus:
  • Participate in final pitch on Thought Leader stage


  • GMIC Grand Prize
  • Special Award from Sponsor
  • Demo Booth at GMIC Beijing 2016 ($1,500 value USD)
  • Two complimentary Gold conference passes to attend GMIC Beijing 2016 ($1,500 value USD)
  • Round trip airfare (up to $1,200 USD) to Beijing and 3 nights hotel accommodation to attend GMIC Beijing 2016 for one representative from your company

Sponsored Prize

  • $1,000 worth of credits each month for 12 months for any SoftLayer server or service for Top 20 Finalists
  • $2,000 worth of credits each month for 12 months for any SoftLayer server or service for Top 3 Finalists
  • $10,000 worth of credits each month for 12 months for any SoftLayer server or service for Grand Prize Winner

Visit the event’s website to register today. Early registration has already expired, but you can still get Expo Plus Passes for $69, Main Conference Passes for $499 or VIP All Access Passes for $1,499.

The event takes place September 29th through September 30th at they Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, California. Other cities where this event can be found include Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangalore, São Paulo and Taipei.

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The Great American Beer Festival 2015

The Great American Beer Festival is the premier beer festival and competition in the United States. Every year the Great American Beer Festival brings together the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served.

The event has both a public tasting event as well as a private competition. In addition to that, this event also brings together all the different brewers and their beers that make the United States one of the world’s greatest brewing nations.

Brewers from all over the United States come to this event to show off their beers and battle the competition for beer supremacy! The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) will be on-hand, allowing new and experienced homebrewers to connect to the national homebrewing community and all the resources homebrewers could possibly want.

The Brewpub Pavilion is located in the central area of the festival hall and features 36 breweries representing all regions of the country. This is a great way to celebrate the growing tradition of locally brewed beers along with the over 40% of the 3,000 U.S. breweries that are considered brewpubs!

The American Cheese Society (ACS) is the leading organization supporting the understanding, appreciation and promotion of American artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses. Each October the ACS organizes American Cheese Month, a nationwide celebration of America’s delicious and diverse cheeses along with the farmers, cheesemakers, retailers and chefs who bring them to you.

The Great American Beer Festival was founded in 1982 and has been growing right along with the American craft brewing industry ever since. This year’s event takes place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver and runs from Thursday, September 24 until Saturday, September 26, 2015. If you want tickets well, you’re out of luck as the event sold out in only 2 hours of making tickets available!

Learn more about the Great American Beer Festival on the event’s website.

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GMIC New York 2015 At A Glance!

GMIC is the world’s most influential internet conference and takes place in some of the biggest cities in the world, including Beijing, San Francisco, Tokyo, Bangalore, Jakarta, Sao Paulo and Taipei. The next event to take place is headed to The Big Apple herself, New York City!

The inaugural GMIC New York will explore the impact that mobile has had on industries like retail, media, entertainment, brands, agencies and consumer products. In addition to that, attendees will learn how to optimize the customer experience using the very latest in mobile technology.

Who Should Attend?

GMIC New York is perfect for Digital Strategists, Marketers, CX Directors, Brand Managers, Advertising Executives, Agencies, Merchandisers, and Technology Professionals who are leading their organizations’ mobile strategy.

Why Attend?

By attending this event, you’ll learn how to harness the power of mobile to strengthen brand loyalty, increase customer engagement and deliver personalized customer experiences.


GMIC New York speakers are market-disrupting leaders who have had incredible success capitalizing on mobile. Confirmed speakers include Tim Chang (Managing Director – Mayfield), Calvin Chan (COO – AdMaster), Bianca Chen (Finance Correspondent – Thomson Reuters), Gary Davis (Chief Consumer Security Evangelist – Intel Security), Dan Herman (Founder/CEO – ChatID), Ryan Matzner (Director/Chief Strategist – Fueled), Alyssa Meritt (Head of Strategic Consulting – Urban Airship), Teal Newland (VP of Marketing, Revenue, Partnerships – StumbleUpon), Jenna Owens (GM Operations – Google Shopping Express), Matt Restivo (Director of Product Development – NHL), Sonny Vu (Founder/CEO – Misfit), Bachir Zeroual (Global Director, Marketing Ventures – Coca-Cola) and many more!

The New York City event will have discussions about a variety of topics, including how to use mobile to deepen customer engagement, transforming the customer journey with an omnichannel approach, VC perspectives, making beacons work for you, Mobile Wallet and even how millennials are participating in the brand experience.

GMIC New York 2015 will take place at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers in New York City on June 11! For more information or to register for any of the events visit the event’s webpage.

* is not affiliated with or in any way authorized by GMIC New York 2015. is an independent nationwide technology rental provider and this information in no way implies affiliation to the event or venue described above.

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The 2015 San Francisco Small Business Expo At A Glance!


Whether you’re in the startup phase or a long-established company, the Small Business Expo has the right resources for you. They’re the nation’s largest business-to-business expo, and they’ve made it their mission to help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams. Their free, one-day expo offers invaluable insights and exclusive networking opportunities with a wide range of business-critical workshops, seminars, and presentations from top industry experts. If you’re looking to drive your business forward and take the next step to success, join them this year at their Boston expo location for this can’t miss event!

-Develop business leads &new customers!
-Network with peers in your industry!
-Shop for new innovative products and & services!
-Gain invaluable industry insights!

Need any type of tech rental for the 2015 San Francisco Small Business Expo?

Request a quote from Rentacomputer
Why Should You Attend?

Every year, over 50,000 small business professionals and entrepreneurs across the country attend Small Business Expo to take their business to the next level. Join us in learning from the best and the brightest in the industry as you network with like-minded business professionals and learn strategies to advance your business.


Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94123


September 17th, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Are you looking attend this year’s event and searching for hotels in the San Francisco area? The Small Business Expo site has a list of travel accommodations, including parking options for the event. The site does offer discounts as well!

If you’re looking to register for this year’s event, registration is still FREE for the San Francisco location!

This content was originally published Small Business Expo San Francisco.

* is not affiliated with or in any way authorized by the 2015 Boston Small Business Expo. is an independent nationwide technology rental provider and this information in no way implies affiliation to the event or venue described above.

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Must Have iPad Accessories For Events

Alright. meeting time! How pumped are you? You get to sit in your conference room with your fellow employees and take notes with pen and paper, right? Well, you could do that… Or, you could use an awesome tablet like the iPad in your meeting. Let’s face the facts. iPads are about as common as cheeseburgers now. Everywhere you look you see someone with some sort of iPad model. As it stands, the iPad has become quite the business tool for most companies. With their versatility, mobility, and computing power, it’s easy to see why these have essentially become a staple tool in many offices.

Having an iPad for your meetings is always a plus, as they can help make the overall meeting much more efficient. That being said, what of the accessories that can be added to the iPad? There are other tools that can be added to your iPad to help the meeting become even more beneficial.

First, take into consideration the size of your iPad’s screen. The iPad can come in many different sizes, but you’re still limited on size and what you can show from a distance. Enter the external monitor. With the help of different VGA cables and some larger screen monitors. If you’re really looking for a show stopper, or if your meeting focuses on a more visual aspect of a project, why not look towards a 4K monitor to ensure that your pictures is as clear as possible for everyone in the conference room. Maybe you’re collaborating with someone on a project and you need the extra monitor for a reason such as that. With the help of VGA cables and external monitors, you can guarantee that all of the people within the meeting can see your project.

iPhone 6 Rentals Delivered Nationwide from Rentacomputer!

What about your software though? This might be a common concern for some when the idea of renting technology for business events and meetings comes to mind. What some might be unaware of, is that you can tell your tech travel agent’s here at Rentacomputer what apps need come pre-installed onto the devices. By the time you get your iPads, all of your software needs will come, already imaged onto the tablets. As you might expect, this saves a vast amount of time so that the meeting can be held at a quicker pace and no one is left behind wondering where to search for an app.

Have you given thought to adding a stylus to your iPad accessories? Believe it or not, the stylus doesn’t just have to be used for old-school note taking. The stylus has a bevy of uses. Think about this. If you send all of the meeting attendees an e-version of any “hard copy” information from the meeting, you guarantee that the information won’t be left on someone’s desk with a coffee stain on it. Not to mention, using e-versions of handout information helps to cut down on paper usage. Should all of the attendees have an iPad and stylus in hand, they can follow along at a much quicker rate, taking notes, circle important pieces of information, draw, and sign off on memos and other business forms right there without having to wait. Since it’s in real-time, there won’t be any need to sift through a pile of papers to see who did and didn’t sign off on receiving information.

Remember that since your company’s software is already imaged onto the iPad, your attendees will be able to save the digital version of the presentations and access them at a later time. Less desk clutter, and easier to find documents.

Having your iPads come with iPad kiosks can elevate the meeting as well. Should you need to have a demonstration program for the company to get used before it becomes live within the business, an iPad kiosk will help protect the iPad and keep it out of harm’s way.

There are countless ways that a company can help make their meeting a more interesting and efficient one. Clearly, however, one of the best ways out there is through the help of top-notch tablets like iPads. Just see for yourself how they can help bolster your next meeting!

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The Hardware You Need For A Great Sounding Event

So you want to hold a business event, large or small. You have everything you need: a visual display of some sort, stage, podium, lighting, and a cheap microphone/speaker device that you rented from the A/V Rental place down the street. You’re all set, right?

You might get lucky. Maybe the acoustics where you’re speaking are good enough and your visual effects are distracting enough for the audience to forget about the subpar speakers you rented for the conference.

But what if you’re not? The event-goers in the back won’t even be able to hear you, much less articulate what you’re saying! That is why we must stress how important it is to have the right audio components, and this isn’t common knowledge either.

A certified professional (like the Tech Travel Agents at can assist you in picking the right speakers for both your event and your price range. Not to mention it will all be delivered locally and set up professionally.

Based on the size and structure of where you’re holding your event, a number of different devices should be used so you can appear just as professional as you feel.

Professionals, like Tech Travel Agents, will politely and effectively suggest the audio components that will broadcast your event with a bang. Whether it’s a microphone system paired with speakers, subwoofers, mixing boards and more, can facilitate your needs! Consult with a friendly representative today or follow the link to Request a Quote!

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Three Easy Ways To Increase Booth Traffic At Your Event!

If you’re reading this, this probably isn’t your first trade show or business conference. Whether it is or is not, it’s time to listen up. It’s 2015 and event professionals are finding more effective and creative ways to draw consumers to their booths. But a lot of the seasoned professionals are missing out on 3 easy keys to increasing booth traffic.

1. SWAG!
What is swag? Swag is generally in the form of a cheap knick-knack with an interesting company slogan or logo on the front, so consumers can more easily recognize your brand for the future. If it’s snowy, maybe some gloves. Or perhaps you’re at a trade show in Texas; in this case sunscreen, floppy hats, and sunglasses are all good ideas. But, of course, there are plenty of other items you can use to build your brand.

2. A Mobile Device Charging Station
Event attendees have been busy Pinning, Instagramming, Tweeting and even sharing to Facebook photos and nice things about the event you’re helping to host or even shots of your booth. But phone batteries don’t last forever, and neither does your free social marketing mice. So bring a charging station to your booth and you’ll have more time to engage with your audience – or maybe even give them some swag.

3. Host a Wi-Fi Hotspot
You’re at an event with hundreds maybe thousands of techies. Have you ever tried to send a text or photo, perhaps social post, at a baseball game? It’s nearly impossible, isn’t it? Well, this same idea goes for when you’re potential partners or customers are attempting to blog about your booth! With a Wi-Fi hotspot being advertised, you and your company will really look like they know what’s going on!

So don’t forget these 3 easy tips to building an audience at your trade show: Bring swag, set up a mobile charging station, and perhaps most importantly host a Wi-fi hotspot!

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The Importance of Carefully Vetting Your Event Speakers

Julius Solaris, founder of The Event Manager Blog, made a great start with getting rid of all-male panels, by pledging not to become a part of panels that don’t allow women but meeting professionals also need to keep an eye on their speakers, just in case they accidentally put their foot in their mouth. The biochemist Tim Hunt, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2001 for his groundbreaking work on cell division, is a great example of what NOT to do while accepting an award, or just public speaking for that matter.

According to an article in The New York Times, they quoted Mr. Hunt from the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea, earlier this week.

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls,” Mr. Hunt told an audience at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea on Monday. “Three things happen when they are in the lab: You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry.”

Hunt didn’t seem too apologetic when asked about the situation by BBC. He did, in fact, apologize, but it wasn’t too sincere when he added that it was stupid of him to say what he did in front of all the journalists that attended the conference.

Get a Quote on a Projector Rental for your next event! Rentacomputer has a full line of Projector Rentals from all the major brands!

Those on social media are having a field day making jokes about Tim Hunt. Some making jabs at pretending to fall in love by seeing a photo of Hunt and not being able to get any of their lab work done. Others posting photos of signs stating “no girls allowed” and capturing it as his UCL laboratory.

Even though society is trying to say Hunt’s comments don’t reflect its views, they’re still trying to distance themselves from his remarks. All in all, in today’s society, one would think those given the opportunity to speak at social events, would know what is appropriate to say and what should be left in the comfort of your own head. So before it’s too late and your public speaker takes the stage, double check their views or thoughts before destroying their or your event’s reputation.

This is why it is always important to vet your speakers BEFORE they speak. If a speaker at an event says something terrible, it doesn’t just look bad on them. As a result, your event and your brand have now been tarnished as people will automatically associate those remarks with your brand. To all event coordinators: Vet your speakers! To all speakers: Think BEFORE you speak!

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Colorado Convention Center to Host NACDS Total Store Expo 2015!

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo takes the best parts of a tradeshow and the best parts of a great conference and then blends them together to create this unique appointment based show. The show is totally dedicated to giving you the tools you need to make the event successful for yourself and your company. Suppliers and retailers will be able to network, make connections, and collaborate throughout the whole thing.

There is a program during the expo called “Meet The Market” during the event where the retail audience will get to see all the latest products, technology, and services. It is a pre-exhibition event, and it is appointment based. This means that the exhibitors who participate in the event will show off their new products to different retailers through a series of 10-minute appointments. So each retailer gets their own personal little meeting with all the suppliers to check things out in private.

Get a Quote on a Monitor Rental for your NACDS Total Store Expo 2015 trade show booth from a Tech Travel Agent today! Rentacomputer offers local delivery and professional installation of all Monitor Rentals directly to the Colorado Convention Center and anywhere in Denver!

If you are an exhibitor traveling to Denver for the event, the Meet The Market program alone is a huge opportunity. When you get your booth, Meet The Market is absolutely free, so that is awesome. This GUARANTEES an opportunity to sell to retailers before the exhibition hall even opens. And.. after it opens, there are way more opportunities to maximize your chances at selling to retailers who collectively have more than $650 billion in buying power.

Other great pros to exhibiting at the NACDS Total Store Expo:

  • Enhance your potential by expanding your retail customer base increasing market share
  • Share product launch plans and seek distribution/stocking of your new products
  • Explore strategic business opportunities
  • Discuss your distribution and marketing plans
  • Review current business status with existing customers
  • Find solutions to challenging issues
  • Learn about the industry’s most compelling trends by participating in the education programs
  • Participate in our guaranteed-appointments program, “Meet the Market,” totaling over 8,000 pre-scheduled meetings
  • Get your product or service viewed by as many chain retailers as possible within the industry
  • Connect with the buyers from more than 250 retail companies, representing over 145,000 retail outlets, who collectively buy $650 Billion Dollars in supplier goods and services
  • Leave the show with knowledge from industry presentations on strategic businesses development opportunities and solutions

You’ll be able to network with all the biggest retail attendees who are category managers, directors, VP’s, presidents, and CEOs. These are huge decision makers from places like Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and all the huge retail chains you could ever think of. It’s not some small time stuff, these companies are a really big deal.

This is a huge opportunity for companies not just in Colorado or the United States but all across the globe. If you are looking to get your products in the hands of companies who know how to move those products, then you should really consider attending. It is also a great place for huge companies to come check out all the awesome new products that are about to change the market. All in all, there is something for everyone, and there are too many benefits to not attend and miss out on all of the huge opportunities.

NACDS Total Store Expo 2015 will take place from August 22 to August 25, 2015, at the Colorado Convention Center!

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