City of Dayton to Use Expo Center

City of Dayton to Use Expo Center

According to the Dayton Daily News , the Dayton, Ohio City Commission approved a 10-year agreement to take over operations of the Exposition Center at Dayton International Airport from the United States Air & Trade Show board. The city will pay the board $15,000 annually and hopes the Expo Center will help raise money for operations of the Dayton Convention Center and the Transportation Center parking garage, all three of which are owned by the city and supposed to be self-supporting.

Bart Shaw, the convention center’s director, is also currently overseeing the Expo Center’s operations and plans to market the center as a consumer goods and trade show site that will attract large crowds, but not the same size crowds the Dayton Convention Center normally attracts.

Shaw told the Dayton Daily News that the Expo Center is “essentially four walls” and “what you need, you’ll have to bring with you.” On the other hand, the convention center is full-service, which includes event coordination and various types of rooms for a variety of events.

Shaw projects the Expo Center to bring the city $225,00 in 2010 compared to $3.1 million, which is what the convention center brought in during 2008.

In addition to the ten year, $150,000 agreement, the city of Dayton has agreed to allow the the United States Air & Trade Show board to use the Expo Center for three weeks every summer to help accommodate the Dayton Air Show. This year, it was used as an aerospace trade and technology expo while the show took place. The board chairman, Michael Emoff told the Dayton Daily News, “It just makes good business sense, which was the motivation for us.”

The City of Dayton officially took over operations of the Expo Center on October 1, 2009.

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