GoSpeak Portable Speakers for Your Exhibit

GoSpeak Portable Speakers for Your Exhibit

If you’re planning to exhibit at a convention or trade show in the near future, GoSpeak! is a piece of technology you can’t afford to be without. The ultra-portable, flat panel speaker, amplifier, and wireless microphone can be the key to making your booth stand out against the others! The powerful, attractive gadget was designed with Microsoft PowerPoint presenter in mind and the sound is loud and clear whether you are right up on it or far away.

It weighs less than five pounds and is two and a half inches thick, making it fit easily into a laptop bag. Just fold it up and slide it into any carrying case and you’ll have no trouble at all moving it from place to place. Its elegant, attractive and unique design will leave your audience and customers with a positive view of you and your company, and even increase your confidence.

It is also super easy to set up! Just unfold the speakers and place them on any table top, plug it in and attach a microphone. In just seconds, you’ve got a simple sound system with lots of features. The control panel features dual volume adjustments, and an input for a cable to connect it to your PC, giving you the opportunity amplify your PowerPlugs music or sound effects.

But even more important than looks or ease of use is the quality of its sound distribution. Fill the room with a clear stereo sound thanks to the flat panel speakers. This breakthrough technology is called Surface Sound from NXT and is much better than conventional speakers due to its high fidelity, omni-directional sound projection, and the fact that flatter sound waves won’t dissipate with distance. Not only will the volume be loud and clear, but it will be evenly distributed throughout the room.

If you want to give a presentation, you can do so to an audience of anywhere from 10 to 200 people. And if you want to make it into a complete, portable public address system, you can attach an optional VHF wireless microphone. It also features 40 watts of amplification.

If you’re in need of any type of technology for your next convention or trade show exhibit, you can visit techtravelagent.com for more information!

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