"The Blue Economy" 2010 Honolulu

The World Congress on Zero Emissions InitiativesSeptember 13-17, 2010, at the world famous Hawai’i Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, thousands of people will gather for The World Congress on Zero Emissions Initiatives. Hawai’i is currently one of the most isolated and vulnerable archipelagos in the world and is heavily dependent on importation of food and oil. Despite this, Hawai’i is among the most diverse places in the world with respect to the sheer amount of life zones for such a small geographical area. Hawaiians have a history of ensuring the natural balance of the environment and ecosystems because, put simply, waste of any kind is simply not an option. Their entire way of life reflects a respect for the environment which resonates very deeply with many of the issues we are facing today.

The World Congress on Zero Emissions Initiatives will be launching “The Blue Economy” which will focus on the design of an economic system driven by innovations, generating jobs, and building social capital. “The Blue Economy” will be based upon one hundred plus breakthroughs in businesses that have proven their competitiveness while operating in harmony with ecosystems around the globe. The innovations being addressed at the World Congress are related to Energy, Food, Health, Housing, Transportation, Water and Waste, and how these innovations can be integrated to provide new job opportunities in today’s changing world. It is hoped that these concrete case studies will inspire upcoming entrepreneurs, existing CEO’s, industries, and government from all over the world to follow suit. In attendance will be world renowned leaders and entrepreneurs including Professor Gunter Pauli, founder of Zero Emissions Research Initiatives (ZERI) and author of “The Blue Economy.”

”Our challenge today, is to respond to the basic needs of all with what we have, to build upon indigenous cultures as in Hawai‘i, learning from the ancient systems of the past, while drawing upon concrete innovations and examples from around the world” – Professor Guner Pauli

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