Why Choose Convention Vendor for AV at your next Conference

Business Professional Networking after an Audio Visual RentalFirst of all, you may be thinking to yourself just why in the world you would want to rent convention and trade show equipment, but you need to keep in mind all of the reasons that you are attending this event for in the first place. Conventions, trade shows, and conferences are without a doubt the biggest opportunities for you and your businesses to delve into the heart of your industry or market. Out on the floor you will be giving your product and business unprecedented exposure while networking with industry professionals and forging long lasting professional relationships with potential clients or even employees. Consider how terrible it would be if everyone who showed up at your booth didn’t even want a second look due to the uninspired nature and appearance of your showroom booth. In this situation, you may find yourself handing out pamphlets or giving people your business card after explaining to them exactly what it is you and your business do.

Now imagine that you have a 42″ Plasma Display hanging in the back of your booth attached to professional audio equipment while its playing a short presentation or video about your company. There’s also an interactive kiosk out in front of the booth which serves as a visitor welcome as well as a product demonstration or proof of concept of your services. You can easily imagine which booth would see more visitors and in the long run see more growth. Regardless of what creative use of technology you may come up with, its clear that having top of the line audio and visual equipment is a surefire way insure that your booth will stand out amongst the others.

So now that you’ve decided renting av technology for your event is the next big thing, just who exactly should you choose to supply your equipment? That’s simple. At Convention Vendor, we are the convention rental experts who will get you the equipment you need, when you need it, and with the customer support you deserve. With over 20 years of experience in handling the logistics and intricacies of convention and audio visual rentals, you can be sure your equipment will make it to your booth on time and as described. Our battle hardened Tech Army has over 3000 troops in reserve locally across the United States and can deliver equipment such as computers, laptops, projectors, plasma screens, interactive kiosks, and even entire trade show displays straight to your booth without a hitch. They can even make sure that all your technology is perfectly wired and networked before leaving you to your trade show.

So remember, if you are in the market for a high quality convention and audio visual rentals for your next big event, then look no further than Convention Vendor and their friendly Tech Travel Agents. Visit www.techtravelagent.com or call 800-736-8772 to get all of your Convention Rental needs handled today!

Looking for a Audio Visual Rental for your next big event? Then call 800-736-8772 today.

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