New Orleans Morial Convention Center*

The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans

The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans is one of the largest Convention Centers in the country. Located in the heart of New Orleans, the convention center sits on the bank of the Mississippi River, just a 1,600 feet from the infamous Canal Street. The center, which was named for Ernest N. Morial, the mayor of New Orleans, has over 1.1 million square feet of exhibit space that covers eleven blocks and over three million feet. As a mater of fact, the entire front of the main building is a kilometer long. That’s a big convention center!

Planning of the fifth-largest convention center in the United States began in 1978. In 1984, construction began on the building as part of the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition. Over the next 25 years, additions would expand the center up the river. The center was named after Mayor Morial in 1992, but in 2008, it was renamed New Orleans Morial Convention Center. Today, it serves as the second busiest convention center in the nation.

In August of 2005, the show Wheel of Fortune was set to record in the center, but a hurricane named Katrina was threatening the area, forcing them to cancel. The convention center would play a huge role in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. After the Lousiana SuperDome, the convention center became the second most important shelter for hurricane survivors. It served as a temporary medical clinic for the remainder of that year. Conventions started back in early 2006.

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