Free WiFi to Public Areas from the Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas Convention CenterThe Las Vegas Convention Center, in a new partnership with Smart City Networks, will be expanding its free WiFi access to customers not only in the convention center but in all public areas.

According to Senior Vice President of Operations for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Terry Jicinsky, “In today’s always connected world, WiFi is another vital tool that is essential to conducting business, and we pride ourselves in providing the best possible business environment for our visitors.” The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is also the owner of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The convention center, along with its technology provider, is developing a tiered system in order to provide wireless access to guests of the facility. The free basic WiFi access will be available at all times in public areas and visitors will also be able to have the option of upgrading to a premium connection, which will provide more bandwidth, for $12.95 per day. Exhibitor grade WiFi access for trade show booths will continue to be provided for $99.95 per day as well.

“The Las Vegas Convention Center welcomes thousands of visitors and exhibitors daily, all of whom have differing needs and expectations. Keeping them connected is our top priority,” said President of Smart City Networks Mark Haley. “We are pleased to provide this new WiFi service at the convention center, enabling people to use WiFi for their basic daily tasks, like checking email or surfing the web, for free.”

Smart City Networks is continuing to explore offering similar WiFi services at other facilities across the nation, not just at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Las Vegas Convention Center is, however, expected to be one of the first to activate the program in early 2012.

Source: Exhibitor News Network – The Las Vegas Convention Center to Provide Free Wi-Fi in Public Areas

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One Response to Free WiFi to Public Areas from the Las Vegas Convention Center

  1. This is to be applauded. Not an easy issue – wifi for a lot of participants.
    I know a lot of eyebrows go up when $99/day is mentioned. However, wifi is very difficult to execute. Three main points:
    Architecture issues: A lot of the convention centers were built as fortresses, so now wifi access points are difficult to execute.
    Heavy investment: For a trade center, the wifi infrastructure alone can run from 500K to a lot more than that – not inexpensive technology.
    When talking to the infrastructure managers that try to keep the capital costs down while maintaining competitiveness, this is one of the wicked issues.
    Security: The other issue to consider is security of the wifi network. Everyone expects open access – with all the manageability complexity of the firewall and scanning.

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