Top 3 Most Popular US Trade Shows and Convention Cities

Las Vegas Convention Center RentalsThere are several convention centers in the United States that see lots of traffic and host some of the nation’s most popular conventions. But which city’s convention centers are the most popular and which trade shows boast the largest square footage? TSNN’s (Trade Show News Network) Top 250 Trade Shows of 2010 ranks these trade shows as the top 3 in the United States:

  1. International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with an impressive 1,442,000 net square footage.
  2. The Association for Manufacturing Technology Show (AMT) with 1,137,375 net square footage
  3. Pack Expo International/Process Expo/CPP Expo with 1,054,505 net square footage

TSNN also ranks the top cities for conventions, two of which host the trade shows listed above:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada is the most popular city for conventions and trade shows. It hosts a whopping 24% of the top trade shows. That’s 60 shows out of the top 250!
  2. Orlando, Florida with 10%. That’s 25 of the top 250 shows.
  3. Chicago, Illinois with 22 of the top 250.
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