Anaheim Convention Center Starts Work on Grand Plaza Expansion

Anaheim Convention CenterThe Anaheim Convention Center is getting a brand new addition and city and local officials gathered to mark the groundbreaking on Tuesday. Known as the Grand Plaza Project, this new expansion will add an all new outdoor meeting and event space to the Center, which is also the largest venue of its kind on the West Coast.

According to Mayor of Anaheim Tom Tait, “The Grand Plaza will be a beautiful new public space in the city of Anaheim, adding to the world-class service and the state-of-the-art amenities that makes the Anaheim Convention Center such a sought after facility. The Grand Plaza will be a tremendous community asset for all to enjoy, and I look forward to making it available to the public in the new year.”

Work has already begun on the project, which is expected to be completed in January 2013. The area itself features a long avenue lined with palm and citrus trees as well as water features and an illuminated “river” of lights running the length of the plaza. The new plaza will be located outside the convention center’s main entrance and will connect to the Hilton Anaheim and Anaheim Marriot hotels.

According to President of the Anaheim Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau Charles Ahlers, the new space will provide planners a spectacular outdoor meeting and gathering environment unlike any other. Alhers also stated, “Orange County’s excellent year-round sunny weather is the perfect backdrop for this space. Here groups can dine al fresco, listen to concerts or attend receptions and exhibitions. The Grand Plaza will enhance our open, campus-like space surrounding the Anaheim Convention Center and the walkability to the adjacent hotels.”

In addition to that, the space will include a new entry monument for the convention center as well as a transit plaza to allow for convenient traffic management. “The Grand Plaza is designed to create a new sense of arrival for guests visiting our resort area, as well as provide us with the flexibility to utilize this attractive outdoor space in a number of ways to accommodate the needs of our clients and local residents,” said Executive Director of Sports and Entertainment for the Anaheim Convention Center Tom Morton.

Source: OC Metro – Anaheim Convention Center breaks ground on new entrance area

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