GDC Announces GDC Next and the App Developers Conference for 2013

GDC Next 2013 logoThe brains behind the GDC, otherwise known as the Game Developers Conference, have just debuted a whole new event that will feature two market leading conferences as well as a shared expo floor and will open at the Los Angeles Convention Center in November of 2013.

The new event will be called the Game Developers Conference Next (GDC Next) and is the re-imaged successor to the Game Developers Conference Online, which is set to host its last event from October 9 through the 11 of this year in Austin, Texas. In addition to that, GDC also unveiled the App Developers Conference, or the ADC.

This event is a brand new event that is dedicated to the newest developments in app technology, creation, business and marketing outside of gaming. GDC Next and the App Developers Conference are both set to debut together as a co-located event from November 5 through the 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.

GDC Next will focus on the latest in smartphone and tablet gaming as well as social, indie, cloud and other major forms of gaming. No matter what your position in the game creating industry, the GDC Next conference is poised to be vital to making the future of gaming a bright one and making money in the newest areas of the gaming industry.

The App Developers Conference will focus on the best in development, UI, marketing and business apps. Organizers will be there to recruit the very best app creators to make apps for mobile devices, the internet, or anything else.

According to EVP for UBM Tech Simon Carless, “We’re delighted to announce our next generation of events dedicated to both games and apps. As the boundaries blur between games and other content across both hardware and software, we’re delighted to be expanding our Fall GDC event onto the West Coast and adding a whole new event showcasing learnings from the entire app ecosystem.”

Source: Events Network – GDC Next and App Developers Conference come to Los Angeles November 2013

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