Interesting Facts About the George R. Brown Convention Center

George R. Brown Convention CenterThe George R. Brown Convention Center, located in Houston, Texas, is one of the most popular convention centers for’s customers. The center is constantly hosting events, meetings, conventions, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and more for attendees from around the world. And even though you have been there a million times, I bet you didn’t know about these fun facts about the convention center.

Overall size of the convention center is large. The center has enough space to house 114 regulation NBA basketball courts just on the main floor alone. In addition to that, the two exhibit halls on the third floor have enough room to house the Houston Astro baseball field with the center field home run mark coming in at 537 feet.

Have you ever noticed the structural coloring of the building? The patriotic red, white and blue paint scheme has significant meaning. Red fixtures denote mechanical systems, white signifies building surfaces and blue represents structural supports. Moreover, the building also features over 60,000 square yards of carpet, which is enough to cover the floors in nearly 300 average-sized homes.

The length of the George R. Brown Convention Center is also substantial. If you took the football fields from Reliant Stadium, Reliant Astrodome, Robertson Stadium and Rice Stadium and put them end to end, including the endzones, you would still have room to spare. The center itself measures in at 1,600 feet from Polk Street to Capital Street.

Finally, the convention center has enough capacity to accommodate 72,000 people, which is roughly the same number of people that attended Super Bowl XXXVIII back in 2004. Needless to say, the George R. Brown Convention Center is one of the biggest convention centers in the country and is no stranger to hosting large conventions, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and other world events.

Source: News Fix – George R. Brown Convention Center fun facts

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