2014 CES Convention Right Around The Corner!

The year is coming to a close, and most of us are expecting great things in tech for the new year. Luckily, 2014 should bring several new product lines to market. While some tech gadgets might not be out anytime soon, it will still be incredible to see them showcased at the 2014 CES Convention in January. The event will be taking place from January 7th through the 10th. There is already a lot to expect from this years event. The CES Convention brings out only the biggest names in the consumer tech industry. Names like Sony, Samsung, and Microsoft are sure to be there to give a preview of what we can expect for the coming year.

CES, or “Consumer Electronics Show”, has been around for quite some time now, and every year seems like it only gets bigger and better.

As stated earlier, we can expect to see an menagerie of the biggest names in the consumer tech industry. Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, and many more are sure to be making a splash this year. Each company has their own set products that they will be announcing and showing off. There have already been announcements for everything from curved TVs, autonomous cars, virtual reality headsets, and curved phones.

We have seen quite the increase in wearable tech. More and more rumors of Google Glass, the iWatch, specialized pedometers, and “tech rings” have been circulating through the internet on a daily basis it seems. Be on the look out for many different announcements from each respective company about these new wearable tech devices.

Wanting to get into CES to see it all for yourself? Be ready to shell out a nice $200 for a one day adult ticket. Although it can be quite predictable to see large prices for tickets of this event, it is always better to know how big the whole in your wallet could be. Another big thing to look out for when managing finances and the possibility of attending, is the local of the event. CES is held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Vegas has never been cheap so keep in mind costs of hotels and rental cars should you decide to take the leap and attend.

Each company will be expected to share keynotes about new upcoming products, which are sure to make headline news and internet buzz. These types of conventions are always great for smaller companies to take notes and jot down ideas.

For more info on CES, click here to find out all about it!

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