Three Simple Trade Show Marketing Tips

Conventions are great for achieving business connections and personal success. But you only have a few minutes, maybe even seconds to grab people’s attention as they walk by your booth set up. If you market yourself correctly, you can attract customers, business partners, business leads and vendors to increase your income. While being a vendor at a convention, your job is to make sure you capture your customers’ attention with your business and/or product you are selling. You want to make a lasting impression and stand out against the other vendors at your convention. Here are a few tips:

Tip #1: Be familiar with your target audience.

Who is it that you want attention from? Learn what they like and dislike, how they behave and what types of things attract them! At your next convention, focus on your audience top needs or concerns they have and keep that in mind to better yourself each year you participate in conventions. Make sure your booth set up is appropriate for the target market you have chosen! For example, young teens attending an Anime convention want a colorful set up with lots of variety in well preserved merchandise they can choose from.

Tip #2: Give out your business cards and connect with others.

Always have your business cards on hand! You never know when you will be faced with a great opportunity with a great connection and you don’t have your business cards with you! Your next convention may or may not have media writers ready to interview, so be sure to always keep your contact information on hand. Industry related magazines and bloggers will definitely need content to fill up their websites. Allow yourself to get in front of media writers who will write about your products and services. Any mentions that you receive online will absolutely help develop your business further. And regardless of who you meet, ask for a business card. Connections are key to a successful business.

Tip #3: Let existing costumers know where you are.

Your existing customers are already an extremely important part of your business. Without your existing consumers, you would not have revenue. And you would certainly not be attending conventions unless you were paying out of your own pocket for you booth set up and space rental fees. Let your costumers know where you will be at, connect with them. It’s a great idea to always have an online source where you can let your customers know if you are traveling around to conventions so they can meet up with you and browse your merchandise or service booths.

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