DesignCon Starts Next Tuesday, Jan. 28th!

Big gaming conventions and consumer electronics conventions are always fun to attend, but it can be easy to forget how we even get all of these things to work. Designers and engineers put painstaking hours into making these products function for us the way we want them too. All of the microchips, processors, motherboards, etc. are all part of what makes our gadgets and tech work for us properly, and someone has to take care of it right? Well these people know that they deserve recognition and have been making sure that their deeds don’t go unnoticed! Their own convention, DesignCon, is coming very quickly and it looks to outdo its 19 previous iterations!

So what is DesignCon? Most people are aware of the bigger events like BlizzCon, E3, and CES, but DesignCon might be a bit more underground for some. DesignCon is basically the mother of all conventions that deals in all the things we need to make our gadget tick. Specializing in different tech exhibits, educational conferences, and all things high-speed-communications and semiconductor worthy. Designed by the engineers, for the engineers. This is the convention that showcases all of the new and upcoming design technologies that help to expand on these already incredible designers! Everything from power and signal integrity to high-speed serial design will be at this years event. This is the perfect place for any aspiring designers to attend. Even if you learning about motherboards and the other inner workings of our tech and gadets, this is the perfect spot.

Many different vendors attend this convention annually as well. If you plan on attending next week, expect to see firmware engineers, computer engineers, technical leaders, CEOs from many different tech companies, and many more! DesignCon classifies itself as the “largest chip, board, and systems design event in all of North America”, so expect to see only the biggest brands attending. The event is also big on pushing young, upcoming engineers and female engineers. DesignCon’s NextGen Volunteer Program is aimed specifically for this and is partnering with Girl Greek Dinners in order to promote the female engineer community.

The event is scheduled to take place in Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Convention center from January 28th to January 31st. While they do offer expo passes for free, DesignCon also offers everything from 1 day passes to All Access passes. Since the early bird offers are done and if you are looking to attend next week, expect to pay a minimum of $549 for just the 1 day pass.

It would be wise to take notes should you want to attend. Staying ahead of the curve can really make a difference in the consumer market. This is where all of the best products that come out are going to get their guts. Remembering to bring or rent laptops or tablets for the event could be crucial. With all of the ideas and circuitry that will be at this years event, it would be unwise to not take notes for your own company’s design team. Again, this convention has been around for 19 years, so there has to be a reason for that right?

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