Why You Need A Samsung 4K Display Rental For Your Exhibit

If you are in need of a display for your exhibit, you don’t want to be left in the dust by your competitors. Having a sub par display will not only make you seem less professional to your peers, but to your crowd as well. How are you going to get any attention at all when your competition has a more impressive display? It’s not going to happen. If you are going to take yourself seriously, then you should look into the Samsung 4K ULTRA HD.

This impressive 4K monitor has a lot to offer. It has a slim LED design, 4K 3820 x 2160 HD resolution, and has smart TV capabilities and 4 different HDMI inputs and outputs. There are also plenty of size options depending on your needs. The 4K ULTRA HD comes in sizes between 55″ and 65″.

The Samsung F9000 4K has already made it’s mark on the corporate world and is quickly becoming the standard. Because of it’s plentiful list of features and a huge spike in 4K content, it would almost be silly to consider anything else. Let’s face it: this is going to be the first thing your crowd sees, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. There is no room for cutting corners here.

For most companies participating in trade shows and other live corporate events, this model has already been the top choice. The incredible image quality of the Samsund F9000 4K LED screen is perfect for looping the marketing clips for your products, displaying your company’s logo and information and anything else that you may need to show off in your live event setting. Because 4K is one of the fasted growing trends of this year, show managers have already put this into full affect and are using these functions to create the best displays possible and maximize their profits.

Some of the world’s biggest venues will be taking advantage of the F9000 during their functions. Many exhibitors at CES, NAB and DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXPO have already announced that they will be renting this model for their displays.

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