Apple Fanatics Celebrate! iWorld Is Almost Here!

We live in a world today that’s runs on technology. We are consistently glued to our smartphones, laptops, and tablets.  Should we could consider this to be a problem? For every one of us who thinks so, there’s another one of us who thinks the world needs even more technology! Some might call our tech craze… obsessive, while others see it as a way of life. All of us, myself included, who are tech fanatics tend to have specific brands that we love and follow. I’m both a Sony fanatic, as well as a huge Apple fan. Apple has a tremendous following, for obvious reasons. So if you’re like me then you just can’t get enough of Apple’s tech. That’s where the iWorld convention comes in.

Maybe you are new to the whole iWorld convention. If this sounds unfamiliar, but you are an Apple junkie, you are in for a treat. This particular convention is designed for Apple fans just emerging, and long time fans who live, eat, and breathe Apple. This is THE largest Apple fan event. If you love, use, create Apple products, this is a convention you are going to want to attend this year. The convention is just a giant party for Apple products! All kinds of Apple based art, film productions, music, and much more will be showcased. Naturally, as with any convention, there will be a section dedicated to shopping filled with different services and tech for even the hardiest of Apple fans!

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The convention is set up to take place starting March 27th through the 29th, is Moscone North San Francisco. This three day event will encompass just about everything you can think of when it comes to Apple products. Everything from using the iCloud keychain to helping your tech stay alive the next time you decide to take it out on a camping trip with you. That is just day one too! And of course it won’t just be about iPads and iPhones the whole time. Musicians will see Apple’s Logic Pro recording software get some spotlight time as well. And for the people wanting to show off their more creative side, day three hosts the “Future Tech: Amazing Student Tech Projects” to close out the convention.

This convention isn’t just for the faint of heart either. This happens to be such a large convention that even large network news stations sent out affiliates to cover portions of th event. Their website isn’t shy about showing off their numbers. They claim that 77% of the 25,000 attendees go just to check out upcoming releases and try out new technology. This is the Apple fanboy’s dream convention

But, much like the Apple products themselves, price ranges to get into this upcoming event are on both ends of the spectrum. Should you choose to get the all access pass, be ready to get set back a whopping $899. And that is the early bird special that ends on the 28th of February. If you are new and want to take a less head on approach, then maybe the $25 3 day Expo only pass is right for you. The prices do range, and are all on an early bird special price bracket right now. So, if you are an Apple die-hard who needs the latest and greatest, this is not the convention to miss out on!


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