The Game Developers Conference Is Coming Up Fast!

It is always nice to hear about the new technology that is coming our way. All of the news about Samsung, Sony, Apple, and the other companies is always nice to know about, but what about the gamers? There are not many times where their newest technologies and games get to be announced. Tech conventions go on every week of the year, but they are usually very specific. They tend to deal with particular companies or specific types of technology. It’s not as easy for games to receive the recognition they deserve all the time. This is why conventions like E3 exist. The only downside is that only comes once a year. That is where conventions like The GDC come in!

Not exactly sure what the GDC is? While it might not be as well known as the E3 Expo, it is still quite a big deal. The GDC, or Game Developers Conference, is the place to be if you have an interest in the future of gaming. This is the meeting place for all of the game designers, producers, artists, programmers, and any other professional that might help shape the gaming industry. This convention attracts over 23,000 attendees and features the most relevant tools in game development. Since this is a strictly professional convention, they are targeting people mainly in the industry, or those looking to be in the industry.

The conference is very vendor friendly as well. Since they attract so many people to this convention, they invite many companies to show off their newest products and services. Anything that could possibly further the industry and promote gaming in general. For the entire three days of the convention, vendors will be allow to show what they are made of to the entirety of the convention attendees.

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In case you are trying to attend this year, The 2014 Game Developers Conference will be taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. The conference will take place from March 17th through the 21st, with the Expo taking place from March 19th through the 21st.

If you are looking to attend, be sure to get your wallet ready as well, because some of the prices are way up there. An all access pass onsite is going to run you a cool $2,100 for the full five days. For the Student Expo pass, which is available Friday only, it’s is a bit easier on your funds, only charging $75. Obviously certain people will need to take priority over others in terms of what they need to buy. Bigger developers will be needing the $2,100 package rather than vendors or students studying for gaming.

No matter how you look at it though, even if it is just for the top dogs in the gaming industry, now is the perfect time to attend. With not many games out right now for the PS4 or the Xbox One, it is a sure fact that many of the gaming companies will be showcasing new games. We can expect to see new technology as well, maybe even a new, slimmer, Xbox One or PS4!


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