A Convention That Could Help Grow Your Business!

Any good businessman or businesswoman will tell you the same thing when it comes to growing your business; networking is key. People highly underestimate the benefits of proper social networking when it comes to their businesses and products. For example, when a vendor attends a convention, 9 times out of 10, the vendor will have shown off their product to a multitude of different convention goers. Exposing your business to a large audience is one of the main keys to success. Convention vendors are usually very aware of this, which is why they tend to always grab whatever spot they can in large conventions that they can relate their product to. Social networking works in the same way, and now there is a convention that will teach you all about the science behind it!

Again, it’s no secret how easily organic growth at a convention can boost a product. With that being said, there are only so many conventions to attend, and only so many spots available at each convention. That is why social media networking can really help, as it is almost like an ongoing, online convention. The Social Media Marketing World is a convention that aims to help you and your business utilize social media to its fullest in terms of marketing your product or business. This conference is actually the world’s largest social media marketing convention, and with good reason. Some 80, or more, of the top social media experts will be at this year’s conference delivering ideas and concepts to help grow your business into the company you’ve always wanted it to be.

It is all about growing your audience. This conference has been designed to do that on nearly all fronts, not only by showing you social media growth tips, but by also hosting an opening night party on the USS Midway on the San Diego Bay. What better way to expand your business than by going to a fancy soiree with all of the other 2000+ attendees learning the same things you are? The event itself is hosted by the Social Media Examiner, which is the world’s top online social media magazine. With 80+ social media marketing gurus in one place, the 80+ sessions guarantee that you will be walking away from the convention with many new ideas to grow and expand.

The ticket prices for this event are fairly reasonable, at least until Feb. 28th. Right now you can buy your virtual ticket for only $297. After Feb. 28th, however, that ticket price will shoot up another $300 to $597 for a ticket. We understand that with the purchase of tickets, hotels, and other expenses, purchasing technology for your venture can get pricey. The option of renting your tech for your convention needs can really cut down on the cost. After all, renting iPads and MacBooks in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying them. And what better way to get ahead of the competition than by utilizing those social media techniques right there during the conference on your rented mobile device?

This convention is taking place March 26th-28th in beautiful San Diego, CA. Jumping on the opportunity to learn about this necessary asset should be a no-brainer for many businesses. If you choose to go, it’d be best to get your tickets now before they double in price!

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