Successful Vendor Booth Checklist

So you have just set a date to participate as a vendor. Conventions and trade shows can be excellent events for business vendors. By having a clear picture of who your audience will be, you can have a very positive outcome as a vendor. Having a captivating booth filled with information is very important in attracting an audience and making a positive appearance. Have the right amount of visual interest to lure in people, but don’t go overboard. Here is checklist for planning out your convention trip:Setting a budget for your vendor or convention trip is a lot of planning. Keep in mind the following fees and costs in mind:

• Booth fees
• Travel expenses
• Hotel costs
• Food costs
• Printing expenses to handout fliers or information
• Company material costs (logo tablecloth, banners)

Once you have figured out how much you need, you then need to figure out what interesting tactics and decor you will be using to lure in an audience to your booth. Here is a list of great eye popping resources to consider using in your display:

4k Monitors- Great for showing videos of products, displaying animated company logos or displaying pricing information.
Projectors- Good for displaying any information for a large audience and also good for speakers at conventions.
Laptops or Tablets- Keeping track of inventory, also tablets can be very useful to have for people to take surveys or sign up for mailing lists.

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