A Few Reasons Why It’s So Cost-Effective To Rent For Your Next Convention

If you are any kind of average American, or even any kind of real person, you know that money is incredibly tight these days. There is way to much to take account for and be on top of financially. It seem next to impossible to buy anything out-right. I mean take your technology for example. Tech these days is just getting more and more expensive right? It isn’t something that you can just go to Best Buy, pick up a laptop, throw a five spot at the cashier, and be on your merry way. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, projectors, projector screens, smartwatches, servers, and more all cost quite a bit of money these days to actually buy. Think about going to a convention for your business and being in need of these items. Do you have the $4,000 to buy just 10 iPads? Does your company? Why not try to cut costs?


Think of your budget for a convention, especially when it comes to tech that you may need. If your business deals with anything even REMOTELY tech related, you’re going to need tech at the convention to show off the services that you’ll be able to provide. Now your company has selected you and will be paying for most, if not all, of the expenses. If the convention is going to be for a few days, why have the company spend more money buying tech that they may not need, when they can just rent it? You have to figure that the company has already paid for the vendor spot, hotel expenses, and possibly even the travel expenses. Why not help contain the budget by just renting what you need for your company’s vendor spot, rather than buying and going over budget?

Warranty and Damages

The next thing to think about is, “What if the tech/equipment gets damaged?”. Half of the time when you rent something, the responsibility for damages falls upon the company who is renting the equipment to you, and not the other way around. Mind you that there are a few different stipulations that go along with finding out who has to pay for repairs, but it’s still nice to have. As long as there is a rental contract involved and you can see what all would fall on you and what all would fall onto the company, you can have a bit more peace of mind in knowing that you may not have to pay for damages in a worse case scenario.


Think of all of the stuff you may need for you next convention. Not just the small things like the tablets and what not. Think of EVERYTHING. What if you have some footage that you need to show. You need a projector right? You need a screen right? Both of these can be rented, instead of bought, used for 2 days, and then put aside. The best part is, is that normally all places that rent out technology have a wide selection of tech. Whether it be laptops and tablets, or projectors and screens. It’s always better to have a set of brands and models to pick from, especially if it helps determine rental price.

There is a lot that goes into planning for a convention. A lot of hard work, and sometimes stress. That being said, getting your booth ready doesn’t necessarily have to. Instead of buying all of your gear, save some of your sanity and your money. You’ll sleep a lot easier by just renting than knowing you’ve spent 10 grand in tech for a 3 day convention.

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