Are You Ready For Apple’s WWDC 2014 Event?

There are certain events and conventions that people look forward to every year. I myself am a HUGE gaming nerd so, naturally, the E3 Expo is the one that I look forward to annually. My huge video gaming problems aside though, there is another convention coming soon that is going to make more of an impact. This particular convention tends to make an impact every time it happens, simply based off of its brand and how much society has changed recently. Let’s all just face the facts: the days of sending letters and homes having land-lines are gone. The future is here and it has hit us like a freight train, and one company plans to keep that freight train moving: Apple. Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is literally less than a month away.

Anyone who works with tech, or even talks to people, knows the company Apple. Everyone knows someone with an iPhone. Everyone knows  iPad dominates the tablet market. Everyone had an iPod at one point in time. Apple has truly changed the game when it comes to the way that we communicate and function in every day society, and they’re aware of it. The homepage to their convention even shows that they aren’t oblivious to how we’ve changed in the past 6 years.

The WWDC will play host to 1,000 Apple Engineers and 5,000 Apple Developers. The number of minds coming together like that is already pretty astounding, but lets take something else into consideration. These engineers and developers are the people who have shaped the way we communicate and function on a daily basis. They have essentially “written” themselves into the history books with their product development and code writing. These are the minds that have given us the iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac, and soon-to-come iWatch. Having all of these minds in the same place for a few days can almost guarantee that something else crazy and innovative is going to come sooner rather than later.

San Francisco, CA will be the breeding ground for countless new ideas, products, and apps. For 4 days (June 2nd – 6th), 6,000 of Apple’s best and brightest will be in the same place at the same time, and that kind of brain power is going to create something astounding. These minds will be hosting more than 100 different design-based and technical labs, and sessions showing exactly what is going into our laptops, mobile devices, and desktops. Everything from graphics and gaming technology/software, to working with Xcode will be discussed at the event. For those of you who may not know, Xcode is a code writing tool that allows you to bring your app designs to life on your iOS or OS X software.

This convention is pretty selective, just so everyone knows. It would seem with good reason as well. The registration for this event is now closed. To even buy your ticket for this event, you would have had to have registered by April 7th. Apple was then selecting randomly, who would get the chance to buy a ticket. Should you have been selected, you could then by the ticket for $1,600. This is quite the price tag, but then again, it may be completely worth it. This is an annual event that tends to create the products and ideas that we go off of every day now. You can be assured that they won’t hold back this year either. WWDC 2014 is about to bring us something huge.

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