What To Expect From Comic-Con!

There are very few conventions that I legitimately get excited for anymore. Unless they have to deal with anime, new technology, or video games/nerdy things, I’m probably not too pumped on it. I just love the nerdy stuff, but that’s why there are specific conventions that are created for the many nerds like me in the world. Some of us are nerds without even knowing it. Do you like Star Wars? Are you a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead? If that’s the case, then you can definitely enjoy a specific convention that’s happening right now. How many of you are familiar with Comic-Con? If you aren’t, you have no idea what you’re missing

Nerds Unite!

This one convention is the absolute culmination of all things nerd and holy crap it’s awesome. It really is. Everything that you could think of being nerdy is at this convention. Video games, comic books, the newest comic book movies, and fad TV shows all join in at this convention. Not to mention all of the celebrities that show up at the event. Every “nerdy” movie actor that you could think of has been to this event, and to be honest, even they like it! You know you watched the new Amazing Spider-Man movies. Andrew Garfield? Yup. He’s been here and he loves it. Looking for some new video games or nerd swag that you can pick up? Find it right at Comic-Con.

Speaking Of Nerd Swag

Vendors! Are you listening? This is one of the BIGGEST and most COVERED conventions that happens only once per year. This is something that NEEDS to be taken advantage of. Think of this. You have a convention that literally thousands and thousands of people attend in one of the most traveled to cities in the world; San Diego, at the San Diego Convention Center. This is prime territory for any vendor. Are you looking to set up something for gamers and comic collectors or even new technology? This would be some grade A real estate. With as many people are constantly walking around, coming and going, and trying to catch every event that happens during the day, you are bound to make some sales for your products/services.

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What To Expect

Any movie goers that love some of the comic book movies out there? Be sure to check out the newest comic book movie previews appearing only at Comic-Con first. Where do you think they show them? In their own private screening sections of course! This convention has a lot of technology and supplies that they need to rent to make sure that everything goes smoothly. All of the screening that happen have to be done through some of the top projectors and best projector screens right? These are expensive, so the event needs to make sure that these materials are rented to ensure that they can pay to have all of the movie stars make their appearances as well. Oh! And expect to see Storm Troopers… A LOT of Storm Troopers.

This convention has been renowned in the nerd kingdom for quite some time now, and with good reason. This has some of the coolest vendors, sweetest nerd swag, and awesome cosplays in the world. Period. It’s currently happening right now, so if you the chance to make it out there before it ends on July 27th, make sure to go! This is sure to be an incredible experience!


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