Apple Has An Upcoming Event That Could Bring Us Some Good News!

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been a while since Apple has given us something else to throw our money at? There’s not been too much buzz from Apple in terms of actual devices. They recently showed off a few very anticipated software updates at their WWDC event. At their convention, they announced the new iOS update coming and the next OS update currently named “Yosemite”. While, yes, they did announce these new software updates, they didn’t show off any of the highly anticipated devices that many of the Apple fans were expecting. Many were expecting the announcement of the iWatch, and others were expecting the new iPhone 6 reveal. Sadly, there were no such announcements.

That being said, there just so happens to be another event happening on the 9th of this month. While there may be no specific name for this particular event, it’s still worthy enough to be held out in Cupertino, CA.

What Could It Be?

No one is exactly sure what the new announcement could be. What we do know is that Apple sent out invitations for the press event, so that can only mean something very exclusive is coming for consumers. Normally, Apple holds their events in San Francisco, CA instead of Cupertino. Cupertino, however, does happen to be the location of Apple headquarters. This has to show some significance towards what Apple will be announcing. There were invitations. It’s being held in the same city as the HQ. It’s still completely up for speculation as to what will be announced, but we can infer that it will be something big and very anticipated.

New iPhone? The iWatch?

September has normally been the month that Apple uses to announce new devices, especially new iPhones. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a brilliant marketing strategy that sets up a good holiday season for the company. Release the new products in the fall. Let the initial excitement maintain itself by putting it so close to the holiday shopping season. Since Apple has put out new phones in the past during the month of September, it would only make sense for them to stay the course and announce the new iPhone 6. The other possibility/addition could be the announcement of the heavily rumored iWatch. There have been countless rumors and speculations made about the new smartwatch. People have gossiped about what it will look like and what it will be able to do. There’s not been really anything more confirmed about it by Apple, but it would definitely appease a lot of Apple fans and make sense to release it along side the new iPhone 6 should that be the case.

What Does It Mean?


This simple little “press event” from Apple could mean a lot. Should the iWatch be announced, you had better believe that the internet will be ablaze with news articles about it the next day. For what seems like a while now, the whole wearable craze hasn’t really seemed to catch on, but Apple could be the company to change that. They’ve had the time that they needed to make adjustments and monitor the competition to see what to do and what not to do. They’ve looked at what the customers would want and how it could help boost their sales. The new iPhone 6 could also change a lot. Many of the phone companies have already released their new phones and devices for the year. There may be a few more surprises from other companies, but Apple is still very much in the lead and they can solidify this by simply releasing either one or both of these devices. Has The Latest Apple iPhones And iPads In Stock, Contact Us Today At 800-736-8772

At the end of the day either one of these new products would be a welcome addition to tech fans. Now we only need to wait a few more days to see what Apple “wishes they could say more” about. Here’s hoping!


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