Code/Mobile Is THE Mobile Tech And Business Conference!

If you’re into technology as much as many of the world’s people are, then you’ve surely heard of a few technology conferences. There are many that you might be familiar with. Every time you hear about the new Apple products that are coming out, or even a new Samsung mobile device. They’re all at conventions and conferences. The times that you see the reveal of a new tech device or even a brand new TV, it’s always at some sort of tech convention. They’re a lot more that showcase reveals than actually talk about how much they’ve impacted us. The ones that do talk more of the influence of our technological habits and advancements are ones that need to be talked about.

One such event is one of the largest around: The Code/Mobile Event

What Is It?

When you think Code, you may think of computer code and software. Basically anything to do with technology. Couple that with the word Mobile, and you can basically get that it’s talking about mobile technology. But it’s more than just talking about. There are no reveals here at this event. Instead, it’s all about the mobile technology and where its taken us. Everything from the new wearable “trends” to laptops and tablets will be talked about. Not just about how these new mobile devices are changing the technological playing field, but also how they’re changing the way that we do business entirely. It’s no secret that even within the past 10 years, our idea’s of mobile technology have changed dramatically. The Code/Mobile event aims to show just how much this new tech revolution is altering the way that we work and live.

The Perfect Convention For Technology Rentals

What better place to bring technology than to the Code/Mobile event? With so many speakers attending this years event, you’re going to want the best of the best technology to accompany you. You can bet that there will be many opportunities to network, along with plenty of live demos of new technology. During those networking opportunities and demos, you’ll want to have your own devices to learn more about the ways that they can be used to further advance your own business ventures. is the place you can go to for all of your short of long term technology needs. This is still a conference where there will be vendors abound. The vendors, attendees, and even those putting on the conference will need to have the proper tech along with the right amount of it. We can take care of that, no problem.

What Is The Impact?

Events like these often get looked past because they aren’t as advertised for the lack of tech reveals. These events are often the most important types, however. We know that technology is continuing to grow and become more advanced. It’s changing with us, and in turn, is changing how business is performed. We are more mobile and so our technology must adapt that way. Code/Mobile is the convention that can show just how well we can use the changes and adaptations to our advantage. A plethora of speakers ranging from reps of Apple and Instagram, all the way to Mrs. Kim Kardashian West. Every one of these individuals either has developed a form of technology or software that we use daily, or has used it to help further their careers. Now they want to pass their knowledge off to the convention goers like you!

October 27-28 is when Code/Mobile is commencing, so mark your calendars. Taking place at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA, you can be sure that this is a convention that needs to be attended.


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