Get Your Head In The Clouds, At Google’s Cloud Platform Live Event!


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It’s very easy to get distracted by all of the new devices that come out every year. Every time Apple has an event, you can expect everyone to go a little crazy over what new device they’ve just announced. That being said, there is a form of technology that has just recently taken a stand. Many people have heard of it, but still might not know what it does exactly or even why it’s important. How many of you have looked at, or heard of the “cloud computing”? You’ve probably heard of cloud-based this or cloud-based that, but many of us out there are still very uneducated about that.

This year’s Google Cloud Platform will go more in depth with what cloud computing technology is, what the next gen technology from the company will be capable of doing, and how it will help developers and programmers come up better apps at even faster rate than they do now.

Is Your Head In The Clouds?

Cloud-based computing technology is on the rise, and is arguably the most practical new technology advancement that we’ve made in quite some time. By using a network of servers that are hosted on the internet to store files, apps, and data instead of a local server or PC, you allow all of that data to be accessed through different devices. It gives great meaning to the term “sharing is caring”. Google is a company that knows about sharing data, and the need for it. Look at Google Drive. Since Google knows about this, their event looks to show off what their new cloud computing technology and services can do. They know that you love your apps as well. When we live in a society where mobile tech is everything, your apps need to be as mobile as you are. Google’s Cloud Platform conference is going to show you just how they plan to take care of that.

Why Attend?

There is a shift currently happening with our technology. We are naturally becoming more mobile. We’re all too familiar with the phrase “There isn’t enough time in the day.”. By using cloud storage and the applications that we use on a daily basis, we are able to use our time a bit more proactively. There are some applications that we use that we can’t access at all times. There are programs that we can’t use on every tech device. This is where the use of cloud computing and cloud-based apps can really make a difference. Maybe you’re a programmer that just wants to know how to bridge the gap between office and mobile device through the use of apps. This is the event to show you how. It’s all about embracing the future of business and technology.

How Are You Going To Attend?

This is an event that Google feels that everyone needs to be aware of. Yes, it’s all about marketing, but they’re also aware of the fact that cloud computing is becoming more and more prevalent. Because of this they have different ways that you can attend this event. You can attend this event from the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Fransisco, CA. Maybe you won’t be able to attend the event, but you still want to watch the keynotes. They thought of that as well. You can still register to watch the live stream of the event or watch it from Google New York.

Mark your calendars for Nov. 4th because that’s when it’s all going down. Cloud computing and cloud-based apps are quickly becoming a very relevant aspect of mobile technology and business. Make sure you don’t miss this event. As long as you register in time, there should be no excuse to miss it. Whether you attend or watch from New York or your laptop, this is one event you’re going to want to see.

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