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Cloud computing, mobile, wearable tech, flying and land drones, 3D printing all are new and highly revolutionary products and services. DEMO will showcase some of these revolutionary products for businesses and consumers this fall.

One interesting option is DEMO.

DEMOnstrate Your New Products at DEMO

The Demo Conferences are held all over the country including San Francisco, Boston, New York, Silicon Valley, and Austin. DEMO also had conferences in Brazil, China, Africa and Vietnam in 2014.

“DEMO is one of the best I’ve attended in years. Organization is at its best, everything is just perfect.”
—Sherif A. Shouman, Managing Director, Global Impact Software

“These conferences might not be as big as CES but these conferences are known for finding real game changers.” -Michael Luicano, The Paramedic

“Despite all the nouveau showcase events that have emerged in recent years, DEMO is still the high quality, high energy original.”
—Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures

DEMO conferences have helped launch many household device names such as Tivo, Yup!, VMware, WebEx, Suns Java,,, Sprout, Shazam Entertainment and E*Trade.

DEMO Conferences help introduce new products and services to thousands of developers, entrepreneurs, tech financiers and other ‘movers and shakers’.  See products that are making their public debut. All DEMO launch and pitch submissions are carefully vetted and hand-selected.

DEMO Fall will be in San Jose, California on November 18 to the 20th, 2014.

Here is the most recent post from
Why You Need To Be At DEMO Fall 2014

After sifting through hundreds of candidates and personally meeting with founders across the country over the past 6 months, we’ve settled on nearly 40 companies to launch new products across eight categories:

  1. Wearables and Hardware
  2. Enterprise
  3. Mobile
  4. Smart Data
  5. Bitcoin
  6. The Work Cloud
  7. Messaging
  8. Internet of Things.
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