Bridge The Gap Between You & The Consumer At Your Next Event!

The days of advertising events via posters and radio commercials are far gone. We no longer rely on such primitive methods to keep people in the loop. Our technology has advanced far enough to the point that now, we announce everything through social media. It goes even further than that, however. We now use just about every social media platform available to us to talk about what is happening during the events and even interact with the attendees of the event itself.


When you’re able to organize an event, and make it much more interactive, you’re bridging a gap between you and the attendees; which allows the potential customers to become more involved in what’s going on and more interested in what you’re offering.

The Social Media Effect

Take “sharing”, for example. Many of the social media apps that we use regularly are already being integrated into the event apps that we use to maximize the amount of people that the event coordinators reach. These apps are also growing in ways that will make peer-to-peer messaging, targeted announcements, and business contact exchange. This is making social media increasingly effective in reaching consumers and developing a brand.

Before the days of technology and social media utilization, there was no way to gather information and analyze all of the data gathered from the events. With the apps that we have at our fingertips now, we have the ability to gather all of that data in real-time. Event coordinators can now figure out which topics regarding the event are trending. We can see which speakers and aspects of the event are most popular. We can even get all of the poll and survey response statistics on the spot. All of that data can be used to analyze what was successful, and what didn’t work, in order to better engage the audience at the next event!

Large-Scale Events & Google Translate

When it comes to these large-scale tech events, we know that not everyone is going to speak our language, literally. Things get lost in translation sometimes, even with the best translators. A while back, Google introduced to us Google Translate. Since then many other apps have been taking notice of its success and have thus started to design features that include the same processes as Google Translate. Take the app, WordLens, for example. This app would actually translate text in real time via and augmented reality process. *But Google has now taken this app and integrated it into their Google Translate application. In fact, Google is working on an app that will translate voice, on top of text and even handwriting, in real-time!

The Future Of Advertising And Promotion Is Upon Us

The fact that all of these apps and social media platforms are slowly merging together is rapidly bridging the long-sought-after gap between participants and attendees. Our events are becoming more and more interactive as technology continues to further develop. Everything from Twitter to Facebook; and even Instagram, posts are giving attendees more of a feeling of participating. All of the platforms are being monitored live so that responses can be quick and effective. Even gamification has begun to be implemented in the newest event apps, that means you’ll be able to keep convention attendees at your booth longer!

Summing It Up

Whether it be through advanced networking or, just gathering proper analytic data to help make the next event more progressive, our technology and business apps are definitely keeping us more interactive and more effective.

This article originally appeared on Corbin Ball Associates

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