Knowledge Management Technologies Event Hosted by NASA

The Knowledge Management Technologies Event is going to be held by NASA at the NASA Johnson Space Center. The event is a fantastic opportunity for Knowledge Management Technologies users and developers to meet up, network, share different ideas, and collaborate on what they have found to be the best practices for using knowledge development tools like the open source MediaWiki package or Microsoft’s Sharepoint. In addition to that there will also be presentations from experts in the space, energy and medicine fields from across the industry and the government. Any companies interested in a chance to present their knowledge management topics can send in a request to do so!

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The agenda for the event includes lots of different presentations and breakout sessions that will cover different topics revolving around knowledge management systems users and developers. Some topics include Accelerating the Development of a Knowledge Sharing Program, Data Organization, NASA Strategy for Critical Data Visibility through Knowledge Management, History of the NASA EVA Wiki, The Perfect Knowledge Management Solution, Shifting an Enterprise Culture to the Wiki Way and Quantifying Wiki Accountability.

If your company is interested, you should know that any company is invited to make a knowledge management presentation and anyone who has any interest in the topic would benefit greatly from attending the event.

The event starts on June 9th at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, so get ready!

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