Three Easy Ways To Increase Booth Traffic At Your Event!

If you’re reading this, this probably isn’t your first trade show or business conference. Whether it is or is not, it’s time to listen up. It’s 2015 and event professionals are finding more effective and creative ways to draw consumers to their booths. But a lot of the seasoned professionals are missing out on 3 easy keys to increasing booth traffic.

1. SWAG!
What is swag? Swag is generally in the form of a cheap knick-knack with an interesting company slogan or logo on the front, so consumers can more easily recognize your brand for the future. If it’s snowy, maybe some gloves. Or perhaps you’re at a trade show in Texas; in this case sunscreen, floppy hats, and sunglasses are all good ideas. But, of course, there are plenty of other items you can use to build your brand.

2. A Mobile Device Charging Station
Event attendees have been busy Pinning, Instagramming, Tweeting and even sharing to Facebook photos and nice things about the event you’re helping to host or even shots of your booth. But phone batteries don’t last forever, and neither does your free social marketing mice. So bring a charging station to your booth and you’ll have more time to engage with your audience – or maybe even give them some swag.

3. Host a Wi-Fi Hotspot
You’re at an event with hundreds maybe thousands of techies. Have you ever tried to send a text or photo, perhaps social post, at a baseball game? It’s nearly impossible, isn’t it? Well, this same idea goes for when you’re potential partners or customers are attempting to blog about your booth! With a Wi-Fi hotspot being advertised, you and your company will really look like they know what’s going on!

So don’t forget these 3 easy tips to building an audience at your trade show: Bring swag, set up a mobile charging station, and perhaps most importantly host a Wi-fi hotspot!

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