Must Have iPad Accessories For Events

Alright. meeting time! How pumped are you? You get to sit in your conference room with your fellow employees and take notes with pen and paper, right? Well, you could do that… Or, you could use an awesome tablet like the iPad in your meeting. Let’s face the facts. iPads are about as common as cheeseburgers now. Everywhere you look you see someone with some sort of iPad model. As it stands, the iPad has become quite the business tool for most companies. With their versatility, mobility, and computing power, it’s easy to see why these have essentially become a staple tool in many offices.

Having an iPad for your meetings is always a plus, as they can help make the overall meeting much more efficient. That being said, what of the accessories that can be added to the iPad? There are other tools that can be added to your iPad to help the meeting become even more beneficial.

First, take into consideration the size of your iPad’s screen. The iPad can come in many different sizes, but you’re still limited on size and what you can show from a distance. Enter the external monitor. With the help of different VGA cables and some larger screen monitors. If you’re really looking for a show stopper, or if your meeting focuses on a more visual aspect of a project, why not look towards a 4K monitor to ensure that your pictures is as clear as possible for everyone in the conference room. Maybe you’re collaborating with someone on a project and you need the extra monitor for a reason such as that. With the help of VGA cables and external monitors, you can guarantee that all of the people within the meeting can see your project.

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What about your software though? This might be a common concern for some when the idea of renting technology for business events and meetings comes to mind. What some might be unaware of, is that you can tell your tech travel agent’s here at Rentacomputer what apps need come pre-installed onto the devices. By the time you get your iPads, all of your software needs will come, already imaged onto the tablets. As you might expect, this saves a vast amount of time so that the meeting can be held at a quicker pace and no one is left behind wondering where to search for an app.

Have you given thought to adding a stylus to your iPad accessories? Believe it or not, the stylus doesn’t just have to be used for old-school note taking. The stylus has a bevy of uses. Think about this. If you send all of the meeting attendees an e-version of any “hard copy” information from the meeting, you guarantee that the information won’t be left on someone’s desk with a coffee stain on it. Not to mention, using e-versions of handout information helps to cut down on paper usage. Should all of the attendees have an iPad and stylus in hand, they can follow along at a much quicker rate, taking notes, circle important pieces of information, draw, and sign off on memos and other business forms right there without having to wait. Since it’s in real-time, there won’t be any need to sift through a pile of papers to see who did and didn’t sign off on receiving information.

Remember that since your company’s software is already imaged onto the iPad, your attendees will be able to save the digital version of the presentations and access them at a later time. Less desk clutter, and easier to find documents.

Having your iPads come with iPad kiosks can elevate the meeting as well. Should you need to have a demonstration program for the company to get used before it becomes live within the business, an iPad kiosk will help protect the iPad and keep it out of harm’s way.

There are countless ways that a company can help make their meeting a more interesting and efficient one. Clearly, however, one of the best ways out there is through the help of top-notch tablets like iPads. Just see for yourself how they can help bolster your next meeting!

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