SMRP 2015 Annual Conference

Technology seems to be at the forefront of everything we do. It helps us conduct business on a daily basis, as well as helps us communicate. We are on our smartphones and laptops sending and receiving information every second of every day, it seems like. With newer technologies emerging almost daily, and certain business practices being dependent on the resilience of technology and software, it’s important to keep up on what makes them tick. Not many people ever really think of the maintenance, processes, and procedures that are involved with the tech that we use. It’s not even just limited to the technology, but also directly involves the processes and procedures of those working to improve the maintenance and reliability.

That is where SMRP and their Annual Conference come into play!

Are you unfamiliar wit the SMRP? If you are, the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) is a nonprofit professional society formed by practitioners to advance the reliability and physical asset management industry and to create leaders in the field. SMRP is renowned for providing unparalleled value for individual practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and skills in maintenance and reliability and build more business connections with other practitioners. SMRP is the premier asset management resource for companies looking to improve their processes and procedures.

SMRP takes pride in providing ANSI-accredited certification programs to validate the skills of practitioners. Naturally, this gives them an edge when applying for jobs in maintenance and reliability.

SMRP has their Annual Conference on the way, so mark your calendars for October 12–15, 2015 as Christopher Mears, the chair of the 2015 Annual Conference is highly anticipating this year’s event.

Mears understands that each year, the physical asset management and maintenance & reliability profession are constant. Mears claims that this event is designed to help prepare those involved for where this industry is headed, as well as expand on career opportunities. Much like most conferences in this particular field, it will host many different workshops, countless networking opportunities, and a plethora of information delivered by some of the best officials in the industry. Expect to see executives, technicians, professionals, and educators alike form long-lasting business relationships through track sessions, facility tours, workshops, and basic all-around networking. This year’s event won’t be short any amazing speakers either.

At the 2015 SMRP Annual Conference, expect to see Cam Marston, a Multi-Generational Relations and Workplace Communications Expert, and Ricky Smith, a Reliability Solutions Advisor. Opening this year’s event with his keynote speech will be Cam Marston. Now Cam is the leading expert on the impact of generational change and its impact on the marketplace. Being that Marston is a columnist, blogger, and author, to name a few, he has a direct understanding of how different generations and demographics are changing business. Smith, who will be conducting the closing keynote speech, has 30 years of experience in this industry. Through his knowledge, he has been able to transition different organizations into more proactive businesses by lowering costs in asset reliability.

To go along with these two incredible keynote speakers, there will be over 50 track sessions with experts covering business management, manufacturing process reliability, equipment reliability organization and leadership, work management, and physical asset management. Also, you will be a part of hands-on workshops from industry leaders on the latest maintenance and reliability technology and trends to aid you in asset management and organizational improvements. We can’t forget about the Exciting tours of local manufacturing plants and state-of-the-art facilities in Cincinnati.

While you’re attending this year’s event at the Cincinnati Duke Energy Center, located at 525 Elm St. Cincinnati, OH 45202, be sure to check out all of the wonderful attractions in the city! Go check out a Bengals game. If baseball is more your thing, then be sure to get tickets for a Reds game. Enjoy a meal at many of the locally owned eateries, or Cincinnati’s own Skyline Chili. Your visit to the Duke Energy Center doesn’t have to be all business. Come enjoy the 2015 SMRP Annual Conference this year, and enjoy the spirit of Cincinnati while you’re here!

For more information on the 2015 SMRP Annual Conference visit the event’s website!

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