Event Tech Trends to Observe for Your Next Trade Show

In recent years, event tech has come a long way to improve attendee engagement and the overall experience at trade shows, conventions, and conferences. Event rentals are also available with the potential to decrease overall cost of running the event or increase ticket or other sales by speeding up transaction processing. A few recent trends have emerged that are still gaining in popularity.

Video Wall Rentals

Several monitors can be combined into a single display that will produce a large, immersive video.  Combined with high-end speaker systems, you can deliver a truly professional multimedia presentation.   Video walls have also been used to display several Twitter or other social media feeds relevant to an event, so that visitors can see what people are talking about at the event.

4G and WiFi Rentals

No service at your event venue? No problem! Rent Verizon MiFi Hotspots and keep your visitors connected. Not only will they stay longer and enjoy your event more, but 4G access will help encourage them to engage with your social media and hashtags.

Virtual Reality Rentals

Take your convention booth to the future with virtual reality headsets.  Wow your attendees and make a lasting brand impression like no other technology can.  Short-term rentals of this technology are surprisingly affordable, do yourself a favor and look into this emerging product.  Be the first one at your show to demonstrate your product in VR!

iPad Rentals

iPad rentals are a great way to get attendee to interact with your booth.  Media presentations and games will engage participants, and iPads can be used to obtain feedback and contact information for email or other contact campaigns.  iPads can also be used for Square payment processing, giving you the ability to sell your product right at your booth.

iPad kiosks, as well as other display kiosks, are also available for rent.  iPad Kiosks are basically iPads on stands, which can be secured to your booth.  The kiosks also have a protective case for the iPad, to prevent damage in case you or one of your visitors have an accident or spill.  Other kiosks are available, such as cell phone recharging kiosks, to draw attendees to your booth and keep them there, giving you a chance to engage them with your display.

Not Just for Trade Shows

Our event technology rentals are great for conventions and trade shows, but we have experience providing short-term technology solutions to all types of events.  User and industry conferences and corporate training events often require one laptop or tablet per attendee, adding up to hundreds of devices.  Renting the devices for these events is not the last of your concerns, setting them up with the right software, delivering them to the right location and the right time, installing the devices where they are needed at the event, servicing them during the event, and returning them to one of our regional rental offices all need to be considered.  And when you have dozens or hundreds of devices, each task can be daunting!  Fortunately for you, we have done this before, and have hundreds of happy customers across the United States that we have helped with events just like yours.  Visit us today at Rentacomputer.com and find out how we can help your event be a success!

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