Technology Services for Your Next Convention

One of your main goals when planning an industry event or trade show should be providing convenience and connectivity to each and every one of the attendees.


There are a few problems you might have with this: Even the largest companies only hold a few events each year. Is it really cost-effective it to purchase technology services for your event that you only use once or twice a year? Consider these points:


  • If you purchase technology — computers, tablets, presentation screens, etc. — to use at different events, you not only have to be responsible for them, you have to transport devices from event to event and store them when not in use.
  • If you’re hosting a large convention or another sizable gathering, the technology investment will be huge, and the return on that investment will come in the form of only a few years of viable time before that technology becomes outdated.

You Need Nationwide IT Rental Services

The fact is that it simply doesn’t make sense to buy technology when you’re only going to use it for events. can provide the solutions you need to provide unmatched convenience and save you money every time you need technology services for a convention or other event.
Here are a few examples:

IT Rentals Give Your Event Unparalleled Connectivity

Providing wireless internet at trade shows and conventions is key to driving engagement between presenters and attendees. Many events suffer from a lack of connectivity, which means that event-specific apps and other technology are effectively useless. can provide wireless routers and internet modems that keep your business online, both for the benefit of attendees and presenters. We can transport the equipment nationwide to your event, set up a network and troubleshoot it over the course of the event if necessary.


Cashless Payments Offer Unmatched Convenience

No matter how old-fashioned you might be when it comes to processing payments during your event, your guests more than likely want to worry less about having cash and more about engaging with thought leaders in their industry. For sign-ups, merchandise sales, food sales, and any other transaction that may occur at your event or convention, you need technology that makes paperless payment as easy as possible. For large events, we rent tablets with Square payment processing programs pre-installed, leaving you to worry less about managing cash flow and more about making your event a success in other areas.


Make Your Convention a Hit With Immersive Technology Services

Having IT rentals at your fingertips can take away many of the barriers that previously stood in the way of creating a memorable experience for the people that attend your events. When you thought you have to provide all your own technology, immersive experiences like a wall of screens, a personal tablet for everyone in attendance or even a virtual reality product demonstration seemed only possible in your dreams. makes all this and more possible with industry-leading convenience and availability. From the latest presentation software to HD and high-quality audio and visual equipment, can give you access to high-end, reliable, technology services that can transform your convention into one guests can’t stop talking about. Here’s why we’re the best option for your next event:


  • As a nationwide provider of IT rentals, we can transport the tech you need anywhere in the continental United States. With Rentacomputer, you’ll never need to worry about logistics when it comes to technology ever again.
  • We’ll even stay on the premises during your event to fix any potential problems that arise while you’re using our technology.

The Bottom Line

When you can host a convention without worrying about getting the technology you need, you’re free to focus on what really matters: making a memorable experience for your attendees.
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