Event and Media Rentals for Political Conventions

Political party convention equipment rentals

With election season in full swing and primary voting beginning soon, both the Republican National Convention, Democratic National Convention, and media outlets are busy planning for the election cycle and upcoming conventions in 2020. Planning and executing your convention or campaign coverage is hard enough without worrying about where to find all of the rental equipment you need to pull it off. Whether you’re a media outlet, the RNC, DNC, or a third-party candidate, find out how our comprehensive political event production services can help make your event come off without a hitch. 

Spread your message

When it comes to politics, getting your message to as many people as possible is essential, especially after you’ve accepted your party’s nomination. Boxing up and shipping video production equipment from your party headquarters to your convention site is not only cumbersome and costly, but it also puts your equipment at high risk for damage. Worse, your equipment may not be compatible with the on-site equipment at your convention location–forcing you to scramble at the last minute and make additional unnecessary expenditures.

Video production for political convention

Our video production rentals include the video cameras, microphones, monitors, and other accessories you need to outfit your spin room or convention stage. We can even provide mixing boards, server rentals, and top-of-the-line Apple Mac Pro rentals to help you edit video quickly and easily from the convention center’s mobile newsroom. Need an extra hand? We also offer full setup, configuration, and testing of your rental equipment–even if you are pairing with your own devices.

With fewer potential voters tuning into the DNC and RNC on television, parties have increasingly turned to social media and live streaming options to connect with voters. Outfitting your party’s social media team with state of the art iPhone X rentals and iPad Mini rentals for tweeting, live streaming, and social media updates allow you to connect with voters in real-time. To get more tips about using mobile solutions in your campaign coverage, check out 3 Ways News Outlets Use Tech Rentals During Campaign Season.

Get supporters involved

With apps developed by both the DNC and RNC in recent years, campaign technology rentals can help you connect with voters in even more ways. With voters turning to each party’s app to get more information, the RNC and DNC have more opportunities to connect with voters during the convention. 

Offering live streaming of speeches, 360-degree views of the convention space, behind the scenes sneak peeks, speech transcripts, and schedules, the apps allow voters to gain information about candidates and the party from anywhere at any time. The apps offer seamless integration of social media feeds that can be displayed on video walls or projected on massive screens via large-scale projectors, allowing you to share feedback from voters with convention attendees in real-time. 

Video Wall for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin - Social media

Take your message beyond the convention center with roving reporters and campaign reps outside the building gathering voter feedback throughout the convention. Our Buzztime rugged tablet rentals let you move throughout the crowds gathering feedback without worrying about breaking or damaging your rentals. Learn more about how mobile solutions can help you reach more voters by reading Political Polling Made Easier

Stay secure and connected

Attendees at the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention are often political celebrities and other prominent figures, so top-notch security is a must. Outfitting your security team with walkie talkie rentals and security camera rentals can keep your attendees safer. Check out Security Rentals for Your Event to learn more about using our security rental products at your political events

Most (or all) of the bandwidth at your convention space will be taken up by your video streaming, editing, and social media teams–leaving your attendees struggling to find a secure, consistent internet connection. Our event planning industry-grade Freedom WiFi hotspot rentals are scalable for an unlimited number of users and comes with an unlimited data plan that is bonded to multiple US LTE carriers with speeds up to 150 MBps.

Solutions you can count on

Rentacomputer.com can meet all of your political convention’s computer and event equipment rental needs. From iPad rentals to iPhone rentals and video wall rentals to large quantity laptop rentals, we have the equipment you need and our skilled technicians ensure that all of your event technology rentals are delivered and properly set up. We can even work with your venue to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with existing on-site equipment. Get a quote for all your convention equipment rental needs today!

Tech Travel Agent Mark GillaughCampaign Rentals with Tech Travel Agent Mark

Are you thinking about renting a smartphone or tablet to use with political campaign software? Tech Travel Agent Mark Gillaugh specializes in iPhone rentals, iPad rentals, A/V rentals and much more. Mark will handle any questions you have about A/V, tablets, smartphones, and the use of political campaign applications. Contact Mark today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 249 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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