September 30th — Global Day of Action for the Events Industry

September 30 — Since March, the events industry has been struggling to educate the world of the global events industry shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The 30 million people in 25 different countries who usually work in the events industry have been virtually without work since March. With current lockdown measures still in place worldwide, there is little possibility of a financially viable return for many of those involved in the events industry in the near future.

We Make Events happen

In order to unify as an industry: businesses, organizations, venues, and independent workers involved in the events sector have been putting together awareness events around the globe over the past few months by illuminating venues, businesses, and residential areas in RED to signify the level of panic the hospitality industry is facing.

  • In the UK, over 700 buildings lit up in red to call attention to the plight of those involved in making events on Tuesday, August 27, 2020.
  • At 9 pm on September 1 in North America, nearly 3,000 venues, businesses, and residents lit up their facilities RED in support of the Live Events Industry.

On September 30, we ask the events industry to come together once more on a global level.

In order to ask governments worldwide to extend significant financial support for the people and companies involved in the events sector’s supply chain until the industry is revitalized, at 8 pm in your respective time zone, event professionals from thousands of cities around the world will be asked to Stand As One for the Global Day of Action.

If your company is involved in the events supply chain, you can participate tonight at 8 pm by lighting up your facility in several different ways, including:

  • Shine A Light – Strategically placed shafts of White Light will be beamed into the night sky, signifying jobs lost to the global events industry shutdown.
  • Light In Red – Venues, businesses, and other structures will be illuminated in red to represent the #RedAlertRESTART
  • Inside Out – Venues will project images outside of their venues of what would usually be taking place inside the currently empty facilities.

Event Services

“What people really don’t understand is what events contribute to the world, financially, spiritually and emotionally,” concludes Michael T Strickland, chair and founder of Bandit Lites, and a leading voice in the RESTART Act campaign, which is aligned with WeMakeEvents. 

“We really are a global industry. The impact to us is devastating right now, with 77% of people in our live events industry having lost 100% of their income due to the inability to work due to social distancing regulations, but the impact on the world if the industry disappears will be equally devastating in many ways. 

It’s incomprehensible that governments do not understand the economic value of the events industry as a whole – from festivals, tours, conventions to corporate events. We are a solid financial investment and will be able to contribute far more to a global recovery than we will cost in the meantime.”

Don’t Go Unheard

Over 8,700 small business owners have written to their respective Congressional leaders in support of the RESTART Act. As a result of writing letters combined with the Red Alert efforts, the RESTART Act has gained the support of 57 Senators and 163 Representatives. In the last four weeks alone, the We Make Events campaign has added 24 new Representatives to our list of RESTART Act cosponsors.

September 30 is the day that the culmination of all of our efforts is put to the test. Friends, colleagues, and partners in the live events industry are asked to ‘hold hands’ in unity worldwide. The Global Day of Action for the Events Industry is being held in over 25 countries from New Zealand to the Faroe Islands.

With a second wave of COVID-19 imminent, support for those who have been without income since March has never been more critical than right now. With the unpredictability of how this virus will continue to affect our industry, it’s impossible to know when these workers and companies will be able to return to status quo, if at all.

In the US, please go to and send a letter to your senators and representatives urging them to support the RESTART Act and ExtendPUA. Supports the Events Industry

Since 1987, has been involved in the events industry supply chain; assisting businesses around the world with technology for conventions, trade shows, business events, concerts, expos, meetings, exhibitions, and more.

Amid the pandemic, our ordinarily reliable repeat-customer base has all but dried up. Not only that, but we’ve seen convention venues forced to close and suppliers shutting down their warehouses. With an optimistic recovery time setting back the industry at least another two years, we stand with the rest of the businesses, venues, and independent workers involved in the events industry supply chain.

As a pivotal technology rental supplier, was concerned with the plight of everyone involved in the events industry. We have focused our marketing campaign on drawing attention to the global Red Alert campaign, whose goal is to help many businesses and individuals involved in the industry with much-needed financial relief.

Besides writing to our Senators, we’ve also successfully raised awareness in our social media campaign since the shutdown of the global events sector in March.


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Cleveland I-X closing highlights the importance of the Red Alert RESTART

Please help support the struggling workers and businesses in the Events Industry by supporting the #RedAlertRESTART in North America

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