As Meetings Start to Take Shape, Consider Using a CVB to Help

While the pandemic brought most Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) activities and bookings to a halt for the previous 18 months, most are now in hockey-stick marketing mode promoting their town, city, or region to meeting planners around the country.
However, CVBs can do much more than marketing to make a conference or convention a smashing success. Below are the five things many bureaus do exceptionally well and how you might capitalize on them.

NYC Visitor's Bureau

Convention and Visitors Bureaus Sweet Spots

They can provide the following five services:

A plethora of local service providers
Most CVBs are membership and category-driven, meaning they have members in every area you can think of for your event. In addition, they have relationships with transportation providers, presenters, entertainment venues, and hotel general managers or owners. Just ask, and their staff is more than willing to help you find the perfect venue or presenter for your next meeting.

Cost savings and exclusive offerings
Many CVBs offer rebates, discounts, or VIP tours of local attractions during your attendees’ conference stay.

Small meeting space knowledge
Even though the word convention is the CVB name, many bureau organizations help market venues that can nicely accommodate smaller events. In fact, according to Hotel Executive, 80% of all meetings in the U.S. have fewer than 50 attendees and represent more than $10 billion annually in spending.

Help with above and beyond requests
Many corporations are looking at ways to give back at their next event. For example, if your group wishes to collect food for the local pantry, spend a half-day on a service project, or contribute to a local non-profit cause, all of this can be orchestrated through the CVB.

Additional above and beyond examples include a cooking class with a hotel’s chef, learning more about wine or beer pairings by visiting a local winery or brewery, or kayaking as a group down a river or lake.

The point is, whatever your requests, CVBs will work with you to make it happen.

Provide staffing
Suppose you need additional feet on the ground to help keep in sync with CDC guidelines for large gatherings; the CVB can often provide the staff to disinfect and clean registration tables, direct individuals to sanitation stations, and serve as tour guides of the area. Sometimes these staff members function as volunteers while other bureaus charge for this assistance. When you are on your final site visit, indicate how many staff and over what period you need them, and the CVB will coordinate this effort to ensure a seamless event for your attendees!


Think of a Convention and Visitors Bureau as being a destination’s marketing department. Their job is to drive awareness about all the wonderful things their region offers, which they do through articles, blogs, videos, guides, and social posts.

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Baton Rouge

Convention Vendor Services

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